Monday, May 14, 2007

Heroes - Save the World, Save NBC

The Hard Part

Last week, Hiro and Ando follow Sylar when he visits his mom and freaks her out with his powers and she goes all Carrie's mom on him and dies after she tries attacking him. Hiro tries to kill Sylar but it's too late and he fights back and disappears again.

Peter and Claire bond, he giving her the power to kill him if he blows up and that they must save the world. Heidi Petrelli can walk again. Angela Petrelli tells Nathan to go with Linderman's plan. Niki and DL learn about Linderman's plans with their family, Micah included. Bomb Man Ted, HRG and Matt Parkman bump into Peter and Claire in New York.

A new little girl Molly seems to have powers (including locating people) that Suresh (under Eric Roberts' Thompson) is trying to explore.

This week, Ted gets arrested by Audrey (Clea Duvall is back!). Matt and HRG try to break into the Linderman's office. Niki and DL are after Linderman. Micah helps Nathan win the election by a landslide. Hiro gets some training by his father.

HRG kills Thompson while Matt him and try to locate Molly, and ends up gun held to Molly as Suresh holds a gun to HRG. Sylar locates Ted and steals his brain. Linderman kills DL after Jessica/Niki woudn't, but DL kills Linderman before he dies. Ando runs off to fight Sylar while waiting for the training Hiro.

As you may have noticed, tons happen, a few more deaths, all as the heroes gather in New York City to stop the bomb, and to raise NBC's ratings in next weeks finale. And next season, NBC looks upon Heroes to save the network, adding 6 episodes of Heroes: Origins to accompany 24 episodes of Heroes. Plus we get to choose the original heroes we like to join the main Heroes in battle.

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