Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Heroes - Tangled

Chapter 19: .07%
Chapter 20: String Theory

Heroes was finally back and I caught up with the last two eps, and both were good, but I find myself with nothing really to say about it. I enjoy watching it, and then I forget most of what happened by Tuesday morning. More so because .07% barely had Ando and Hiro in it, and I seem to really only care about them and Claire at this point. Oh, though Peter dies (but then Claire saves him) but you know Milo ain't giving this gig up now after trying to get his own show for a while since Gilmore Girls.

In the last two eps, we find out the bombing of New York is really a small price to pay to change the world. Last nights ep, we jump 5 years in the future, where we find out Sylar shapeshifted into Nathan Petrelli as President of the USA. Peter is with Niki, who lost DL and Micah. Future Hiro meets our current lovable Hiro and that Ando died after the bomb. Matt Parkman is now a bad guy cop chasing Hiro, using The Haitian as help. Claire is supposed to get married but is met up by HRG dad warning her to get away...

and other stuff happened and it was all entertaining but now I can't remember any of it. As much as I love this show, that's not a good sign is it? Or am I just getting older and my memory is failing me? Well, here's a better recap than mine.

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