Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hey You! Save the Panda Love!

I'm not really sure how this helps, but somehow by downloading Madonna's new song "Hey You" for free from the Live Earth site, you will help save the environment. Whatever. But it works for me. I'm all for saving the environment and if a free Madonna music is all I have to suffer to save to world, I'll do it. (Kiddin, I LOVE Madonna). Apparently 25 cents from each download from the first 1 million will go to Live Earth or something good (hey wait a minute, that's only $250k, that's probably like an hours salary for Madonna). Now stop driving those cars (I guess I shouldn't be one to speak) and buying cheapass stuff made with chemicals/human suffering from Walmart/China. And do it while you dance to Madonna. It's a win win situation! Save our Panda's! Let the Panda Love continue!

Warning: Graphic Pornographic Panda Images below. (Thanks Ed for the pics)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

a really nice track...for a great cause

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