Tuesday, May 01, 2007

How I Met Your Mother - How Barney Met His Father


It's two weeks until Lily and Marshall's wedding and the gang separates them for their last two weeks as they had claimed they would originally do. Lily finds out she's too SKINNY to fit into her wedding dress, so Robin helps train her to eat more, turning into a diabolical force feeding machine. Ted tries to run through his Best Man speech with Marshall, always bringing up completely inappropriate things to tell (the Marshall arrest scene because he was "alone" in the carpool lane still cracks me up, as did the fake "holding hands" story as the gang drank chocolate milk at the bar). We fast forward two weeks and see that Ted gives a great speech in the end, and Lily fits into her dress perfectly, after secretly running to a hotel room to meet Marshall in the middle of the night to gorge on room service during the pre-marital separation. Of course, they reveal nothing of Ted and Robin's big news on the wedding night but I guess we will find out more about those spoilers in two weeks.

Barney on the other hand is training for The Price Is Right so that he could meet his father, Bob Barker. Yes, THAT Bob Barker. His mother told him that Bob Barker was his father, and Barney would try to bond with his father through his TV during those early adolescent years. Tear (I'm not sure if it's cause it was so hilarious or so pathetically sad (yet hilarious).

Of course, the whole The Price Is Right sequence was actually quite a great tribute to Bob Barker for his 35 years (35 YEARS??? He HAS been doing it all my life and MORE... I WASN'T just imagining that) before he retires this June.

Though tribute or not, the whole thing was topped by the scene where Barney spins the $1.00 and pushes the other contestant away. Freaking hilarious!

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