Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How I Met Your Mother - A Tip O' the Hat To Ya'

Something Borrowed

Everything goes wrong at Lily and Marshall's wedding but everything is so right for us viewers who get to watch in on the mishaps. Marshall gets blond "tips", Lily's flowers are late, her veil is destroyed, her wedding underwear is missing (that says "Property of Marshall"! Awesome!), her mother invites her ex "Scooter" Bill (adorably played by Neil Patrick Harris' real life boyfriend David Burtka, both below with some chick), Brad somehow ends up losing his shirt (which seems fine by him and fine by me), Marshall shaves part of his head and this already after they shuttled all their plans for the wedding to accommodate everyone else's wishes except their own. Ah... weddings... the joys.

Barney learns that people will do anything when it's for the bride on her wedding day and uses it to his full advantage, but redeems himself when he marries Lily and Marshall outside in the park with a guitarist/gardener(?!? who also gave his hat to Marshall to wear to cover his partly shaved head) with only their close friends which is just the way they wanted it in the first place. Then they redid the whole thing again for show inside, secretly knowing, they already had their fantasy wedding. Hmm.. wait a minute. Didn't I just go through this 2 weeks ago (Congrats again C and L)?

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