Monday, May 28, 2007

iPod Music Playlist - Shut Up and Sing Edition

After playing them over a month, I'll finally admit that I love the new albums from Mika and Amy Winehouse, even though as people, they really really bug me.

I know Mika is apparently the next coming of (of what? I don't know), but I'm not buying and maybe it's his cockiness, but give me the Melinda Doolittle fake humility any day. He bugs me in interviews and he bugs me in his own videos but I will admit, his album Life in Cartoon Motion is mightily catchy and fun to listen to. Here's a homemade video courtesy of AfterElton of kids dancing to Mika's "Lollipop" which is just the cutest thing ever.

Amy Winehouse does NOT come across well in interviews. She does not come across the red carpet well. Usually I would support someone that likes to go "f u" against the grain of this popculture ritual but this girl really really bugs me and everytime she speaks, I want to yell "shut up". Yet I will finally admit that her album Back to Black is pretty good since I find myself listening to it more and more, but still. Amy Winehouse. Shut Up and sit properly please, crossing your legs might be nice, because it's too much information. Something other than a snarl would be nice too. Still, "Rehab" is totally fab. I know it came from the depths of your misery but whatev. I'm still not sure I believe that that singing comes from the same annoying rebel you portray yourself to be.

I've already blogged about Enrique Iglesias' song "Do You Know (Ping Pong Song)" and while I really have no opinion of Enrique, good or bad, I do like the addictive song, but seriously. Mike Boogie? In the video? Shut Up Mike Boogie. Janelle rules!

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Anonymous said...

yes...i am in agreement with you...i fought them off long enough but am now loving both cd's...

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