Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's Getting Hot In Here, Let The Trash Odors Emanate

The last of the network season finales are tonight (spilled over from last weeks May Sweeps end) as both House on Fox at 9pm and Boston Legal on ABC at 10pm finish their seasons.

So I'll be throwing out a Best of TV List for the Fall 2006- Winter 2007 Season hopefully later this week if not early next week.

Then we get to fully concentrate on trash summer TV! Woopee! So You Think You Can Dance and Big Brother here I come! Maybe even Pirate Master if only for John, the Scientist/Chippendale Dancer. Yes, You read that right honey! He even LOOKS like a Chippendale dancer. Ew.

Traveler also starts tonight on CTV at 10pm and on their regular time slot tomorrow (Wednesdays) at 10pm on CTV and ABC (ABC will repeat the pilot at 9pm). I actually thought this was pretty good and deserved better than being slotted during this point of the year, but that's only based on the pilot.

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