Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More Electric Boogaloo! Just For You!

Here's 2 more promo photos I found that I didn't put up in last week's preview for High School Musical 2: Sing It All or Nothing! Seriously, why am I so excited about a Disney TV Movie? A SEQUEL to a Disney TV Movie? (Okay, well, Snow was totally cute (though mostly in part to Tom Cavanaugh's charm) and so was Celeste in the City (mostly in part to Majandra Delfino, Nicholas Brendon and Ethan Embry's charm), and I Want To Marry Ryan Banks (mostly in part to Emma Caulfield and Bradley Cooper's charm, and Jason Priestley's schmarm)). Still, it's HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! TWO!

1 comment:

Daemon's TV said...

I feel the same way about liking High School Musical. I mean I even bought the DVD (really sad).
But it's just really good and I cannot wait for August.

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