Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No Heroes, Just Pirates

Okay, no Heroes recap, still no Ugly Betty, Grey's, The Office, or anything else because I'm way behind in TV and I have plans every night this week (except tonight at 8-10pm, but I'm going on a date with Veronica Mars for the last time), so instead, I bring you pictures from the Pirates of the Carribean 3: At World's End Premiere at Disneyland California where I strangely happened to be on Saturday (where I was killing time between the wedding and the reception, checking out Downtown Disney because I realised I was really close by). I wish I could say I was invited to the party but sadly, Johnny Depp doesn't return my calls. So here's some pics I randomly caught of the B, C and D list celebrities that just happened to pass by as I was checking out the place. No Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom. I must have just missed them. They must have known I was coming so made sure to get away from me fast, you know, because I have that restraining order for them to stay 100 ft away from me at all times. Orlando, STOP CALLING. I've Moved ON...

Bill Nighy (though I've seen him before)

Tom Hollander (sorry for the lack of focus)

Chad Michael Murray (!?? Why the hell is he here?)

Martin Landau

Cheryl Burke (Dancing with the Stars. Hey, it's on ABC and part of the Disney family)

Steve Sanders! hahahahahaha (Ian Ziering)


theTVaddict said...

I can't believe you saw STEVE SANDERS in person! Very cool, also, in terms of HEROES, you didn't miss anything. THE OFFICE was amazing.

vance said...

haha. I know. I already read your Hereos Recap. I had a bad feeling that after a season of amazing build up, the finale wouldn't live up to our expectation but I guess ill see later this week. Anyways, I was about to leave because most of the "celebrities" were already in, when I spotted Ian coming in late and last (of course) and screamed out "STEVE SANDERS"! Too funny!

Jennifer said...

ahhh steve sanders!!!! ahhhh!!!

Alison said...

Great pics! There is some funny coverage of the premiere here too: www.hooman.tv

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