Friday, May 11, 2007

Phil. Toronto. NOW

Phil's in town (Sadly Toronto does not look like the picture above)! Our beloved Phil Keoghan, favorite reality TV host and eye grinner for The Amazing Race, and his own show on The Discovery Channel US, NOW: No Opportunity Wasted (US Version) is here in Toronto today (and on the radio stations this morning promoting NOW).

Well, because Canadians seem to love Phil and The Amazing Race (which ranks within the Top 10 shows here, if not the top 3-5 most weeks), CBC is bringing in Phil for our own Canadian version of No Opportunity Wasted this fall!

So Phil is in town promoting his book of the same name, NOW, and they are taking auditions for the show! (In Toronto, Sat., May 12 from 1:00 p.m. ­ 4:00 p.m. Location: Indigo ­ Manulife Centre, 55 Bloor Street West). You can also submit an audition without being there this weekend.

If I were here I think I would actually go but alas, I have to head to St. John's, Newfoundland this weekend on my own personal NOW.

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David Newland said...

Thanks for the mention. Please note: the URL for Canadian viewers and applicants is http://www.noopportunitywasted.ca

If you could make the change in the body of the article that would be a huge help!

the web guy
CBC/No Opportunity Wasted

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