Thursday, May 31, 2007

Traveler - Wait, Where Are You Taking Me?

The Retreat
Boy it sure was.

Okay, I was wrong. Or actually, I was right in my pessimistic view of what might have happened to Traveler on ABC. I thought the pilot was terrific but it was bumped from last fall to now, and cut from 13 episodes to 8. Bad signs. But I really liked the pilot. Or I'm very hopeful.

Oh well. the second episode grounded the fast paced show established in the pilot to a grinding turtled pace. Like when you're forced to sit in your father's car and realise he's become a senior citizen driver and you have no way of getting him to drive faster.

Last night, from the boys ridiculous decision to drive away hastily from the cops after a scene of another cars' accident, to some major conspiracy in the waiting with all new names that confused me, the show lost me. Despite an appearance by Neal McDonough at the end (and in next week's episode) and cast members Steven Culp and William Sadler, I didn't love it as I had anticipated I would. Still, I'll probably keep giving it chances since, at 8 episodes in the summer, what else do I have to do, plus, I'm just WAY too nice.

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