Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ugly Betty - A Knights Tale

Secretaries Day

Just a quick note about Ugly Betty going all medieval when the secretaries (sorry, administrative assistants) go to a middle ages themed restaurant. Wilhelmina schemes to get Bradford to divorce the hardened imprisoned Claire. Betty tries to raise $1000 to send Ignacio back to Guadalajara so that he could re-enter the US properly with a Visa. Hilda must grow up and pass her beauty school test. Daniel continues his decline in his sexaholic ways. Alexis finds out about Bradfords scheme to use Rodrigo to get her to leave the country (and thus Mode). Henry becomes Betty's knight in shinning armor. Marc and Amanda, are... well, Marc and Amanda and that's enough to be a blast.

Another episode chock full of twists and turns and belly-aching laughs. I find that Ugly Betty has now perfected the balance of the over dramatic and the hilarious laughs into a perfect concoction, balancing every characters stories and using everyone to their full advantage (though I could do with a bit more Christina who is great and underused as Betty's buddy).

Love that Claire is crazy prison chained (and that Judith Light seems to be playing her as if she were doing Oz). Love the bumbling Henry. Love that Daniel and Betty still have their helpful raport and that their is still a bit of that Cinderella, feel good, he will do the right thing in the end moments. Love anything Becky Newton does as Amanda. Love that Marc had to punch out Wilhelmina at her request. Even though I didn't love Alexis breaking down after finding out Rodrigo was conning her, I do love that she will go the revenge route. Ah... yes... bring it! Love that Hilda has to learn to grow up and has Justin give her a pep talk! It's like the gay version of the Gilmore Girls!


Liz said...

But...didn't Justin give her the wrong pep talk? I was pretty tired when I watched, but it seemed to me like Justin talked her into quitting because she's a grownup and can do what she wants, and her dad talked her into going back.

LOVED that Henry's back, though!

vance said...

Oh yes, true, but I meant that Justin and Hilda have that reversed parental relationship and that she trusts him enough to actually listen to him as a person. Still, it seemed like right advice at first, and then, again. Twist! Love it all!

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