Friday, May 11, 2007

Upfront with The Upfronts

So the Upfronts are coming next week and while I've been excited before, this year I had no talk of pilots because I didn't want to get my hopes on shows that the networks won't pick up, or pick up, then don't air (The Singles Table) or burn off later in the year (Traveler), or cancel after a brief showing (Love Monkey, Kitchen Confidential).

So I'm just waiting for the official announcements next week (starting with NBC on Monday, then ABC Tues, CBS Wed, FOX and CW on Thur) and then I'll emotionally attach myself to shows that have been announced (which of course, still means nothing until the fall when we really see how shows fare on a regular schedule, as Studio 60 as proven, or not, shall I say) or at least start contemplating dating them (I seriously need a life don't I?).

Anyways, NBC at least just announced Friday Night Lights being renewed for Season 2 (WAHOO!!!) while Scrubs and Studio 60 most likely won't. I have differing opinions about Scrubs since I love the show but felt that it's in slow decline this year, so maybe put it out of its misery now before we get to Gilmore Girls levels.

UPDATE: SCRUBS has been renewed for 18 episodes next season.

So next week is a busy week. There's the Upfronts of course, many more season finales, and the Tony nominations come out Tuesday the 15th as well.

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