Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol - Okay, Now There Really IS A Race! Or I'm Just Getting Soft

Top 10 Performance Night - Theme: Songs From The Singers Birth Years (or, How To Remind the Rest of Us all How Old We've Become)

People were born in 1987? Good lord? AND they can drink? (Oh wait, I actually am friends with people born in 1987. And they can drink. And they work. Gosh darnit) I had a whole other life previous to 1987. I never watched TV before 1987 (My parents didn't let me watch anything except a few TVO shows (Ontario's PBS) and Family Ties and The Cosby Show, so as you can tell, I write a blog primarily about TV, so keeping the TV away from children doesn't necessarily work, we just make up for it later in life).

Ramiele Malubay wasn't good yet I didn't hate her. Maybe I'm feeling sorry for her. I give up being snarky this week. I'm too exhausted so I'm flying the white flag.

Jason Castro has totally flown through this competition with his pretty blue eyes, the Jack Johnson floating on a beach vibe and his niceness and I totally think it's a total crock. That being said, I actually liked his performance this week. Wow, I've really HAVE weakened this week especially when the judges hated it. I'm THAT tired to hate him this week!

Syesha Mercado sang that loud brashy, show-off-the-fantastic-voice thing. Yawn. She sounded great on a really boring song. I'm so over those torchy songs on American Idol. Still, I like her, but PLEASE differentiate yourself from every other Black female that has sung on American Idol and do something a bit different. Because you CAN stand out girl!

Chikezie was cheesy. I liked his vocals (that's saying a lot since I'm usually hard on him). Hated the arrangement/performance.

Brooke White took my breath away with her performance of "Every Breathe You Take". With the exception of the starting misstep, I loved every simplistic acoustic moment of this performance (except when the extras joined in, as Simon noted). Plus, her hair was real purty.

Michael Johns sings "We Will Rock You". Seriously? And yet, he rocked it and I actually liked it despite some serious trauma I've associated with the song. I didn't think it was the best of the night but it was great, though the song has built in energy for it so it's actually hard to lose with it.

Carly Smithson was not perfect on the vocals but I've always loved this song so it's hard to go wrong, despite the song being overused everywhere. What's with the background singers? Seriously, they've ruined a bunch of songs tonight now. It was a decent performance that wasn't perfect but I like Carly so I kinda liked it tonight. Maybe it's the accent when she talks. I'm a sucker for the accents. See Michael John.

David Archuleta was born in 1990.

Nineteen NINETY???

David sings "You're The Voice". I guess he had to. It gets right to the point. Love the voice. Meh on the actual song that I've never heard before, but love the raspy deep voice.

Kristy Lee Cook has a hot dad. Both in the old pictures and even currently. Is that wrong for me to say? I thought that's all I would have to say, especially since Kristy sang "God Bless the USA". Talk about pulling the right strings for votes to save herself again this week. And you know what? I didn't hate it. Wow, I'm so easy tonight (shut up)!

David Cook emo's out "Billie Jean" and I LOVED IT. LOVED IT. Yah yah, so it was Chris Cornell's arrangement but he rocked it! Plus I'm not sure how he's seemed to thicken his hair a bit but he's looking better every week (but still like Gossip Girl's Nate and Chuck's lovechild).

Best of the night: David Cook

Next best: Brooke White, David Archuleta, Michael Johns

I even liked: Carly Smithon, Jason Castro AND Kristy Lee Cook (whoa, was I on something tonight?)

Worst of the night: Chikezie or Ramiele Malubay? Except I didn't hate either of them.

Most forgetable of the night: Ramiele Malubay

Going home? Ramiele? Though I said that last week too. I'm almost thinking Chikezie for some reason, just cause that's what I feel in my bones is going to happen tomorrow night. Of course, now that Kristy actually did quite well, I'm sure Murphy's Law will strike her down.

All the videos of the performances are after the jump:

Ramiele Malubay - "Alone":

Jason Castro - "Fragile":

Syesha Mercado - "If I Was Your Woman:

Chikizie - "If Only For One Night":

Brooke White - "Every Breath You Take":

Michael Johns - "We Will Rock You":

Carly Smithson - "Total Eclipse of the Heart":

David Archuleta - "You're The Voice":

Kristy Lee Cook - "God Bless the USA":

David Cook - "Billie Jean":

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Thanks to Rickey for the photos.

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