Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Delayed Reality - The Bachelorette, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria

I caught up with The Bachelorette and Canada's How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? and I must say, it's interesting to watch reality shows when you know the end outcome and you start noticing different stuff and start analyzing things like crazy.

I can't believe I care enough to actually watch The Bachelorette, let alone catch up with the final episodes that I missed while I was in Europe back in early July, but boy, I started watching it because I always love watching The Bachelorette to see the boys act like boobs but somehow I got emotionally involved...

And I wanted to see DeAnna actually pick someone good for her.

I just thought that was going to be Jason.

I mean, I knew about the Jesse outcome but even then, I STILL gasped when DeAnna rejected Jason as he bent down on his knees to propose. Man, the look in his eyes that darted from confusion, anger, to realization that he's still on camera and thus goes to sadness was INTENSE.

And the After the Final Rose special reunion? Whoa. Intense. Both Jason and Jeremy. Of course, I'm sure hundreds of women are now flocking to them. Actually, wouldn't Jason make a great next The Bachelor?

So I'm still shocked DeAnna chose Jesse as I'm sure most people were but watching the final dates, the final home visits, I could see why she chose him, and maybe the crazy choice might actually work out. Ah those crazy lovebirds. I actually really hope they do work out and better the score for The Bachelorette over The Bachelor.

Meanwhile, I caught up with practically the whole season of CBC's How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? since I have tickets to The Sound of Music which the TV show is casting for, so I'd like to know who I just paid for.

While I still think Allie was my favorite from the Top 10, the final 2 of Janna and Elicia were probably the best choices and while I probably would have leaned towards Janna (and finally "got" her partway through the show, becoming a fan), Elicia has a nice backstory as the underdog who comes up through the ranks and wins it and she has a freshness that can mask some of the weaker elements of her untrained voice, or as Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and the rest of the panel (Elaine Overhold and the always sexy John Barrowman and the-was-fired-in-the-last-week-of-the-show-for-allegedly-handcuffing-a-24-year-old-boy-in-his-hotel-room Simon Lee) liked to call it, her voice was "raw".

Elicia MacKenzie from Vancouver won and I wasn't so sure at first but knowing she won while watching all the performance episodes, I do have to say she has a lot of presence on stage and is very likable. It helps that she was pretty much the prettiest girl of the Top 10 which made me go hmm... but I'm happy enough with the choice for now. I guess I'll see whether that rings true this fall.

Here's Elicia's post-winning performance of the title song for the show she will soon be headlining in Toronto this fall:

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