Monday, August 18, 2008

Delayed Reality - Top Chef 4, Project Runway 5, Project Runway Australia

I know, it ended so long ago that everyone's hungry again but I only just recently finished watching Top Chef Season 4 and I think it was the first time I actually enjoyed the outcome, despite the "controversy" (and it was also the first time I felt like I LOVED the show and not just a general appreciation for it). Plus, I'm still catching up with Project Runway Season 5 because we get it delayed here in Canada and I've only gotten to the pre-Brooke Shields episode (with Apollo as guest judge for the Olympics challenge).

I am amazed that somehow I actually managed to avoid all the spoilers. In fact, it made for more interesting viewing thinking I knew some stuff but not being really sure about any of it. For some reason, I thought the controversy on Top Chef was something about Zoi or Jen winning (which confused me since they were knocked out midway through the game so I thought, are they going to bring a contestant back?). Ha, boy was I wrong. Thank goodness.

Anyways, I'm happy that Stephanie won. Everything she cooked made me hungry. She was one of my favorites from almost the start so YEY! finally a jerk didn't win! (see Hung rant below)

I had a love hate thing for Richard. I think I hated him because I secretly harbored a crush on him yet knew he was happily married, so I had to hate him for that. He did grow on me a LOT though because I thought he was a bit of a prick at first.

I really didn't care that Dale got knocked out because he really annoyed be but then when Ilan, Hung and the first season winner (which I never saw) came back, it reminded me how much I hated Hung and how Dale paled by comparison. I liked Dale a lot more after that episode Hung had returned. Dale wasn't SOOOO bad, at least compared to Hung. What a jerk. Still.

Meanwhile, did people love Antonia? I kept thinking people hated her but I LOVED her (but realized I'm not sure where I even got the notion that people would dislike Antonia but maybe because I confused her and Nikki at first).

Loved Andrew, didn't mind Spike even though I thought he should have been cut way earlier. As for Lisa, well, I would have preferred Antonia being in the final 3 but I almost thought the controversy was that Lisa was going to win. So whew, thank goodness she didn't. Too bad Richard choked in the end though. But I think the right chef won.

Meanwhile, does Padma Lakshmi scare anyone else but me? She's so cool and awesome but she scares me. Knowing that she was married to Salman Rushdie intrigues me even more though, and scares me even more.

Ditto with Tom Collicchio but boy, do I like saying both hosts names.


Is it me or is no really talking about Project Runway Season 5 much? Or have I just been doing a good job at avoiding the spoilers? Or is Bravo doing a good job at spiting Harvey Weinstein?

Alright, so while I thought Wesley was going to be my obvious new Project Runway crush this year, I think it's actually Keith who is surprising me this year.

New PR hot crush: Wesley (above) Keith (below)

Thought would be annoying but I actually like: Suede (below, although the talking in the third person thing needs to stop soon or else he's moving to the category below), Joe, sometimes Blayne

Thought would be annoying but is actually more annoying than I predicted: Jerrell, sometimes Blayne
Thought would be my maybe new hot crush but is actually a bit annoying: Daniel, Kelli
Loved once I could differentiate her from Jennifer (who thankfully got kicked off so that I don't have to be confused between the shy quiet white girls with long brown hair): Leanne

Loved first for the hair but now love because they are WAY cool!: Terri, Korto, Kenley

My favorite to win: Terri. She seems to be the most consistent so far, and though she never wins, she always has one of the better designs.

Runner up would be Leanne who tends to surprise me too. I thought Suede had one of the ugliest things on the first week but has recovered since with great stuff.

I also started watching Project Runway Australia and while I still can't remember who is who yet, I will say their version of Tim Gunn, Henry Roth, tries to copy Tim Gunn's style (and even some phrases) but still comes out a bit like Ben deLisi (the Tim Gunn of Project Catwalk, the British version).

So at this point, I'll rank the mentors from best to worst as Tim Gunn (the original that all subsequent mentors must be compared to), Brian Bailey (Project Runway Canada), Henry Roth (Project Runway Australia), and at a DISTANT DISTANT DISTANT fourth, is Ben deLisi (Project Catwalk).

As for Kristi Hinze, she seems okay so far. No one will ever top Heidi Klum or Iman (Project Runway Canada) (Heidi's a better host, Iman is a better host judge), but again, the Catwalk folks need help. I actually didn't mind Kelly Osbourne because she seemed excited that someone actually gave her a chance at something and seemed to love the job and the contestants, but Elizabeth Hurley who I usually loved, looked more irritated that her agent forced her to do this to keep up with Klum (and obviously, didn't return for a second season). So I'd put Hinze ahead of Hurley at this point but behind Kelly, who all fall behind Klum and Iman.

Still, lots of Project Runways to go around! Now I wish there were more Top Chef's. Can't wait for Top Chef: Brooklyn!


Joe Reid said...

I loved Antonia! She was one of my favorites, along with Dale and Stephanie. Hated Richard, hated Spike.

As for Project Runway, I'm rapidly running out of designers I like. I started off liking Daniel and Keith, but Daniel seems way too flaky now and Keith is kind of a jerk. I'm down to liking Terri and Kenley and...maybe that's it? Yikes.

Vance said...

I actually hated Richard at first too. So cocky and uses too many tricks... but something turned around for me.

I still have to fully catch up with PR so I'll see but yah. Daniel's quite the flake isnt he?

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