Monday, August 18, 2008

More Hair Extensions

The sensational production of Hair (which I LOVED, can you tell?) is being extended AGAIN for the third time! It will now play the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park New York until September 14th 2008. Though at this rate of extensions, it'll play until the winter! And you know what? I'd be there again! (Okay, so it's supposed to be a final extension that MUST close on the 14th but it's so popular it has GOT to extend somewhere right?)

I know the rumours of a Broadway transfer are getting more and more serious but I still think the exceptional theatrical experience will never be replicated to its full power on an indoor stage (but I'm willing to bite my tongue about that if it transfers anyways) so go see it NOW while it's still FREE in the park!

So folks, rejoice! Hug it out! And head to the park for one of the best theatrical performances I've ever seen! (And I just counted today and I've now hit 98 individual musicals for a total of 138 times!!! (once you count repeat viewings). I still need to add up the plays, ballets, opera's, and things in between.)

Alas, the photos above are with Jonathan Groff but he just ended his originally planned run and now goes to film the new Ang Lee film. Christopher J. Hanke replaces Groff now for the rest of the run and his run is now basically longer than Groff's original run.

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