Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer Madness?

I still love Mad Men but anybody finding it hard to watch it on Sunday nights during the summer months?

It didn't help that I became addicted to the first season during the winter when I could get all warm and cozy watching the period TV drama that has this dark clausterphobic mood perfect for the colder months. Maybe the move to Sundays during the months people usually are winding down from summer barbeques might not be the best scheduling move.

Maybe it did work better on Thursdays. Felt more "right" somehow. And probably would work even better in the winter months. Considering it just garnered the most Emmy nominations, it has the right to compete with the big boys in the "main" TV season!

Plus, I think I just don't want to think as hard as I have to to watch the intricate show, especially when it's still warm outside. I know I know, I keep ranting that all there is are brainless shows and movies during the summer months and that people are ready for some intelligence too, but maybe when it's not so darkly lit and feeling like those old movies I watch at Christmas.

Plus, I'm glad they are rounding out the large ensemble cast with storylines for everyone but I'm feeling like it's starting to lack a focus during this second season due to that. There's less Don Draper, and less Peggy overall, and I think those two are still the heart and soul of the show. I still love their work relationship with each other (which reminds me a bit of Betty and Daniel Meade on Ugly Betty), especially now that Peggy is an actual creative executive and not just a secretary but the other boys are getting all the attention (still).

I love Harry Crane (Rich Sommer), Ken Cosgrove (Aaron Staton) and Paul Kinsey (Michael Gladis) and I want their characters definitely to expand too. Still, it feels like it's buying time to help space out the little facts about Peggy that are slowly being revealed (that her child/pregnancy remained a secret, that she KEPT the child?) and I'm not getting enough of Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway! Need more Joan!

On the other hand, can Peggy keep/get her boyfriend and actually go with the flow? Cute!

Ditto with Salvatore! Love that they brought back lipstick client who is into Salvatore.

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Michelle said...

I'm totally hooked on Mad Men! I've been watching the episodes online at the CTV website (over lunch at work, so I don't blow my download limits) They even have the new season available, so you don't have to watch it on Sundays.

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