Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where Did My Boys Go?

I know the Olympics have pushed some of the summer shows to end earlier but did My Boys really just end its second season after only 9 episodes on a cliffhanger like THAT? i didn't realize that we were only getting a shortened season this year. I WANT MORE! (and if you missed it, you can catch them online here).

And while I wasn't sure about some of the earlier episodes of the season (there wasn't enough regular bonding between the guys and the first half just wasn't that funny (with the exception of the Project T Shirt Runway moment)), I actually liked the slow build toward Bobby's wedding to the hot nanny, and PJ's trying to slowly get over Bobby as she falls for brother Jack. It's such a cliche triangle yet it so works!

So did Stephanie and Kenny's obvious opposites attract relationship. It sort of came from nowhere, but the whole build from the seasons start was such an obvious ploy, yet it totally was worth it and it totally worked. Especially after turning Kenny into the ladies man that Mike used to be. Mike Bunin carries off the role that could have so easily derailed into a creepy jerk, but instead makes Kenny even more lovable than ever.

The fact that Stephanie actually had a successful career with her book "You're A Great Guy, But..." made the Kenny/Stephanie thing made the whole thing even juicier, so much applause for Kellee Stewart and Bunin!

As for the ending, it couldn't have come together better. It was like a well rehearsed comedy farce with Bobby realizing that PJ's the one for him and walking in on her with Jack in the same bedroom. Loved it but I was actually shocked it ended that way. I know, every new romantic dramedy now ends with a storyline that ends something like that but My Boys pieced it together in perfect 4/4 time.

I've also been loving Brandon's newfound attempt to take his career seriously and his bromance with Bobby's best man. I love Mike but I did find Mike becoming pathetic to be getting... well... a little pathetic and annoying so I'm glad he finally got the Cougar in the end (guest star Mimi Rogers). I hope Rogers sticks around because her comic timing has been top notch since The Loop and being married to Tom Cruise. If that's not comedy training, I'm not sure what is.

I'm hoping the third season comes soon enough because I felt the second season was finally just getting back into the comedic rhythm of things that made the first season such a surprise joy.

Anyways, here was the preview clip for the finale John, Cougar, Newman Camp:

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