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And Survivor, The Office and Bones Haven't Even Started Yet - Ugly Betty, 30 Rock and Everything Else on Thursday Night

Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com:

Why was everything new on NBC last night EXCEPT The Office? That's a bit odd. Either way, I could have used a double dose of 30 Rock instead since it was so great last night!

Ugly Betty - Dress for Success - Ep. 311

I've been loving Ugly Betty a lot more than everyone else it seems (I don't mind the heart as long as Marc and Amanda are still in the mix) but I will have to say... Christina is still pregnant? When is that spawn every going to get out?

Bernadette Peters, never one to let Patti LuPone outshine her (... oh wait...), comes on to guest star as the instructor at YETI and Betty must go through the predictable but still enjoyable duties of learning to meet new contacts, be too trusting in the other fat girl (Nikki Blonsky, Hairspray) and then screwed over for it.

But it was all worth it just for the little lesson Betty forces Marc to give her in how to win friends contacts and influence people (or at least get out of there before getting bored). Best tidbit? Marc DIDN'T actually sleep with Jon Hamm and Mia Hamm in a Hamm sandwich. He just said he did.

Zac Posen randomly shows up on the show (though he looked better in the promo photos than he did on camera. I was getting excited at first) at Wily's party where she lets Daniel seduce Molly so that she can swoop in to seduce Connor. This nice Wily is almost creepy. I expect something to pounce out anytime like Marc does.

Oh yah, and Betty chooses work over her family so they give Ignacio a heart attack. Cue heart pulling lesson.

More on Grey's Anatomy, 30 Rock, My Name Is Earl, Private Practice and Kath & Kim:

Grey's Anatomy - Wish You Were Here - Ep. 510

You know, for a while things were going so well. Things were bouncing back, the show was funny again, there was no annoying Mer Der talk, and I was hopeful. And then the ghost of Season 2 past returned and the show fell back on its crutch of Denny Duquette. (Having everyone think Izzie is masterbating a lot though instead of making love to a ghost was hilarious. I'll give them that).

Now they must bring in a serial killer in showkiller Eric Stoltz? There was a day and age when Stoltz added credibility to a show or movie. Then the 90's happened. Now he screams ratings plot device and it wasn't even that exciting or creepy. The story with the kid Alex whose doctor drops, only to be replaced by a younger new one who changes all of Bailey's plans was more interesting (and not by much).

There's more flirting between Melissa George and Callie which just feels dirty so soon after they kicked out Dr. Hahn, while Alex goes down on Izzie as Denny watches on. The ghost masterbation was funnier.

Where's more Christina? Or George (without Lexie please)?

30 Rock - Senor Macho Solo - Ep. 307

Um, how did they not even bother promoting Salma Hayak guesting on this episode? (And why is she making funny here when she should be on her own show adding some more funny elements at Mode?)

I don't know what was funnier. Liz rubbing Peter Dinklage's head and then trying to date him.

Jenna Malone as Janis Joplin.

Or Tracy trying to spend all his money before his wife gets it. I mean, even Sherri "The View of the world is flat" Shepherd was fricken hilarious.

Alec Baldwin didn't even have to do much this episode except react to it all and it was STILL one of the funniest episodes.

As for everything else on Thursday night, Private Practice - Contamination - Ep. 212, still feels like such a waste of some talented (and hot) actors. I really feel bad for Audra MacDonald. Girl should be dazzling us with her powerful voice in some musical somewhere. I even feel bad for Piz. I mean Chris Lowell who now seems more like he's trapped on the show than an honour to be at the grownups table. Of course I'm still not even sure why I'm still watching the show. Oh yah, cause Taye Diggs, Tim Daly and the bevy of guest male stars (like David Sutcliffe, Grant Show and Jay Harrington) are so pretty. And if Paul Adelstein shaves off those sideburns, he'd be back on my list too. I'm such a slut. (Hmm. I'd be a perfect character for a Shonda Rhimes show then!)

My Name Is Earl - Got the Babysitter Pregnant - Ep. 414
Faith Ford AND Adam Rose (Aliens in America, Veronica Mars)! In one of the funnier episodes that reminds me that this show can still be really good when it wants to be. (Though I must say, most of my laughs actually came from Adam Rose's spoiled overgrown kid's mouth)

Kath & Kim - Florida - Ep. 110
You know? This show isn't actually good but I enjoy watching it for some reason. And not because of Mikey Day. And not JUST because of Mikey Day. Strangely, I'm not usually a huge fan of Molly Shannon but I actually like her here. I usually do like Selma Blair and something intrigues me watching her play dumb and unlikable. Always love John Michael Higgins.

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