Thursday, January 22, 2009

All About The Privileged - Privileged and Lost

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How awesome were two very different favorite shows of mine this week? Privileged continues to be emotionally stirring pretending to be a fluff piece (but is always hilarious) while Lost continues to bewilder and confuse all while being heart poundingly exciting and thrilling!

Privileged - All About the Big Picture - Ep. 115

Seriously, how good is this show? Just the scene when Megan meets Will's father (Steven Culp! For the 2nd time this week!) and assumes he's the butler before being properly introduced was a simple moment but hilariously done. Love Marco and Megan's gay guy girl best friend rapport. It's a stereotype and cliched as hell but who cares when Allan Louis and JoAnna Garcia make it work so well! Megan's support for Marco's new restaurant proposal, and then his new goal of winning Keith back (yey!) is just the sweetness needed to counter all of Megan's family drama (which was intense and surprisingly not annoying). I'm even starting to get on the Will and Megan bandwagon. That's how convincing this show is!

I mean, the show is so cute it even makes Pete Wentz tolerable, and even making Dave Franco (the usually annoying little brother to James) actually kinda cute now. Between Zack and Rose in love and Sage still smitten with her Luis, I could just pinch them! And it was all nicely balanced with Laurel's return and her stern looks.

Lost - Because You Left, The Lie - Ep. 501, 502

You know what's frustrating about Lost? I mean, beyond the storyline... and like... EVERYTHING? It's that we've seen the fantastic season premiere, I'm dying to do a Season 5 marathon, but it's only just begun, and we are going to have to watch slowly and patiently through until May.



I'm also not even going to bother getting close to recapping this show anymore. I gave up about a season ago since I have NO idea what's going on anymore so I'm not going into any delusions that I can even explain it to anyone else. I just know Alan Dale in his native New Zealand accent is kinda creepy. And when doesn't he play rich?

New issues for this week: time traveling, a maternity test for Kate and Aaron who meets up with the new hardass Sun wants Ben Linus dead just as Charles Widmore does, Sayid saves Hurley who saves Sayid and brings them to Jack who inadvertently brings Ben to Hurley... , Miles, Charlotte, Daniel, Locke and Sawyer seem to be trapped on a loop on the island while new old people get killed and we go back in time to before the crash.

And this week, we got appearances by Anna-Lucia (in Hurley's imagination), Richard Alpert (helping Locke after being shot by Ethan), Ethan (shooting Locke when Locke went back in time to pre-crash), Penny Widmore (when Desmond wakes up remembering meeting Daniel Faraday during their timezone switch), Ms. Hawking (Fionnula Flanagan) (in some chamber with a huge pendulum and another computer)... so you know. it ALL makes SENSE (!?!??!?)

Also of note, Sawyer met Daniel Faraday and "Ginger" Charlotte. I forgot they've never met.

So much. So awesome. So lost.

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omg! I totally did not know Zach was James Franco's little brother! That makes so much sense!