Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brand New Day - Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother and More

Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com:

Gossip Girl - You've Got Yale - Ep. 216

Blair gets waitlisted to Yale while Dan and Serena get in (which somehow leads to another break up? What the?). Plus a new teacher (who looks younger than the rest of the ragamuffins) doesn't appease Blair's needs, and the wicked witches of the Upper East Side are there to comfort the big B as she's about to wage war on the new teach. Awesome! I'm scared already!

Oh, when did Nelly get guts? She is slowly making her move! Slowly, but surely! Nice moves Nelly Yuki!

And Dorota still deserves a special Emmy.

And in a move I didn't see coming, Lily adopts Chuck so that she becomes his legal guardian and Jack loses Bass Industries. Ouch! Then Jack tries to rape Lily? Ick. Then Chuck saves the day. Yey! (You know, if you really thought about it, the fact that Chuck is technically still a kid, this IS a lot for someone to take).

How I Met Your Mother - Three Days of Snow - Ep. 413

I don't think the episode was as carefully constructed as they thought it was (though I just spent the weekend doing a full series marathon of BBC's Coupling which had some well crafted and sometimes perfectly constructed episodes (See 105 The Girl with Two Breasts, 206 Gotcha, 208 Naked, 301 Split, 304 Remember This, 307 Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps... oh hell, I'll just have to write a whole post on the awesomeness of Coupling (UK version only)) so I have really high standards in my mind right now) but the 3 storylines revolving around the snowstorm (very apt this year though! Good weather predicting!) was cute but predictable. Though it wasn't as clever as they thought it was, I still got all misty eyed when the band came into the airport with Marshall to woo Lily. Loved the ending, as predictable as it was.

More on The Big Bang Theory, Worst Week, True Beauty, The Bachelor, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Flashpoint, Corner Gas:

The Big Bang Theory - The Friendship Algorithm - Ep. 213
They never have a B storyline do they? I just noticed that. I guess when the show starts revolving around Sheldon, that's what happened. Poor Johnny Galecki.

Very cute episode. Loved the fainting. Loved the chart to make friends! I wish there were more of Sheldon and the little girl though. That was cute verging on creepy (in a hilarious way).

Worst Week - The Puppy - Ep. 113

The Bachelor - Jason Mesnick - Ep. 1303
True Beauty - Ep. 103
I know. I should know better. And I still watched the full episodes. For the third week in a row. And I still can't tell any of the girls apart on either show unless they were super bitchy, so like Megan and Erika on The Bachelor and Monique and Chelsea on True Beauty. Meanwhile, at this point, isn't JC a shoo-in to win True Beauty? I mean, who cares but really, it's in the bag, no? On the good news side, Jason took off his shirt to make a chest mold... and this is why I wasted spent 2 hours of my life, only to waste spend another hour watching Ray take off all his clothes to "slut" "strut" around the pool.

Desperate Housewives - The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened - Ep. 513

For the 100th episode, they sure spent a lot of time on Beau Bridges (as Eli Scruggs) who magically appears in last weeks episode but seems to have been connected to all the women of Wisteria Lane for years. How convenient.

But I'll let it go for celebratory's sake and the fact that it was all an excuse to flashback to the earlier years when Rex Van de Camp was still alive! (Yay Steven Culp, Oh how I miss you), when Gaby just moved from the runway to Wisteria Lane, when Edie was still just a slut on the block, when Bree wasn't a company, and when Lynette looked harried (well. some things don't really change...). It was fun looking back at it all but it lacked an overwhelming punch that a big show like this could/should have.

Brothers & Sisters - It's Not Easy Being Green - Ep. 313

Putting a big rifle in Kitty's hands, a la Palin was cheap. Putting a big rifle in Kevin's gay democratic hands was cheap, but funny nonetheless.

Putting Nora with the architect... was... well... I can't remember what happened now. Putting Rebecca with Kyle (Eric Christian Olsen) as a way to make Justin jealous was amusing. Putting Sarah with Ethan (Will McCormack) was hilarious, and creepy because he sounds a bit like Matthew Rhys.

Flashpoint - Backwards Day - Ep. 202
What the hell was all that? With the two women rolling around as one is trying to stab one another? And they don't MOVE IN? If I was Amy Jo Johnson, I'd be pissed too, no matter how cute David Paetkau was. I mean, she lost Ben already, she has every right to be pissed. Never cross a woman scorned... oh wait... now we get back to the two rolling women with the large scary knife.

Corner Gas - Reader Pride - Ep. 609

Man, this show is SOOOOO Canadian. Love it. I wonder if non Canadians find this show funny? It's SOOOOOOO Canadian.

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