Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Being Tyron Leitso

Now that ABC has placed the last 3 episodes of Pushing Daisies on hold (until ?), I'm having some Lee Pace withdrawal syndromes.

I've found a suitable replacement! Strangely, in Lee Pace's costar from his previous series Wonderfalls (also by Bryan Fuller), Canadian Tyron Leitso, who I always thought looked remarkably similar and could totally be brothers with Pace (except they didn't play brothers, in fact, Pace was the leads brother, Leitso her romantic possibility), is in the new Canadian CBC series Being Erica which I finally checked out the other week and it's amusingly cute. (And apparently will premiere in the US on SoapNet on Feb. 19)

It's about 30's something Erica who gets sent back into different times of her past to re-live and change things. A do over of sorts. Or something like that.

I was just overjoyed that Tyron Leitso is back on TV! And now looking like a cross between Lee Pace and Matthew Fox!

The series is from some of the former writers of Degrassi: TNG and has already had guest roles for Paula Brancati (Jane) and Scott Paterson (Johnny, and seriously one of the nicest guys in real life and TOTALLY unlike his Degrassi character).

It's still a little clunky (basically due to low Canadian TV series budgetary reasons) as much as it tries to be a slick and glossy "girl dramady" TV show (think Ally McBeal with less annoying ticks or Ugly Betty without the colorful camp). But Erin Karpluk is likable as the lead, and again, I'm already enjoying her will-they-or-won't-they interplay with Tyron Leitso's Ethan. Plus, these "do-over" shows are always kinda fun. This last week's episode where Erica ends up stealing a future page from Britney Spears, and reciting the lyrics to "Baby Hit Me One More Time" as her own poem in university was pretty hilarious.

Here's the trailer:

Meanwhile, if you never caught Wonderfalls the first time around (on of all places, FOX), the full series is out on DVD. It was a total pre-curser to the wonderfullness of Pushing Daisies.

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Jennifer said...

I looooved Tyron Leitso in Wonderfalls! Glad to hear his new show is going to be airing in the US too, I'll have to check it out. Where has Caroline Dhavernas (Jaye) been lately? I saw in Breach but that was awhile ago.

Vance said...

I know. I love Caroline too! she was actually in a BIG Canadian movie last year (I know. Who knew we had big CDN movies? It's actually rare) called Passchendaele (it opened the Toronto Film Fest last fall) but I hope we see more of her too.

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