Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daytime Gaytime

I'm watching Ted Haggart on Oprah right now and I'm not really buying any of it (including the poor hair dye job). I like that Oprah is calling him and his wife Gayle on some of their delusions, but I will respect that he understands that he's truly confused about his sexuality and doesn't want to be pegged with a label (and supposedly anything else for that matter). Fine, I get it, but defending the church that booted him out is nauseating.

I feel bad for the kids though. They actually seem pretty well adjusted, considering.

OMG, he really hasn't changed has he? He's still spewing the church stuff as a sideways slight towards gays. WTF? And this was taped before the new Grant revelation.

Plus was it me or did gay-for-pay porn star Aaron James strangely come off (no pun intended) the best on The Tyra Banks Show last week on her "Gay for Pay" episode? You know, the one all the gay blogs commented on if only to show the picture of gay porn star cutie Kurt Wild (and I'm going to be no exception! But I'll save it for after the jump. Though I'm not going to link to his "body of work". I'll let you google that yourself, :P).

Strangely, I didn't cringe at Kurt (above left, below left) or Aaron's (above centre, below right) responsive and if anything, their "gay for pay" experiences have taught them to be pretty good spokesman for the gays (instead of spewing some macho stuff to make up for their work). (Here's some of the clips). And you gotta hand it to Tyra for trying her best (yet still being good ol' Tyra) and playing the salacious cards but still keeping it real and supportive of the gays (in her usual self-involved roundabout way). AfterElton has a pretty good review of the show. I think Dean (above right) spoke pretty well too but I think I couldn't stop laughing at his frosted tips to actually take his claims to straightness seriously.

I'm not even going to bother questioning their straightness or not, and whether they delude themselves or just really do it for the money, but there has got to be some irony (that's not the word I want but I can't think what else it could be) to the fact that the porn stars seem more grounded than Ted Haggart.

Meanwhile, was it me or was the Advocate guy a little off-putting? And sraightphobic? Seriously dude, what a way to make gays look defensive and antagonistic.

Things got a little yucky when some of the straight bartenders talked about the sleazy gay men offering them money for sexual encounters but at least Tyra pointed out that ALL men are like that (gay or straight) and that "Men are NASTY". Oh Tyra.

On a non-gay-related note (well, depending on what you believed), I passed by The Doctors and Big Brother king Will Kirby was on. Seriously? It's not bad enough that The Bachelor's Dr. Travis Stork co-hosts, but Kirby? I know he's a "REAL" doctor but I cannot take this show seriously, informative or not.

And on Bonnie Hunt today, there's a cute (if slightly cheesy) illusionist on. Joel Ward. Between his demeanor and the blond hair, he reminds me a bit of NPH! Yah, that's all. No idea if he's gay or straight. Though he did mention he is single. I just wanted to mention him. Adorable! I'm shameless!

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