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High Wire Acts - Bones, The Office And More

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Bones - Double Trouble in the Panhandle - Ep. 411

Bones and Booth join the circus. For REAL! OMG THAT was HILARIOUS!!!

AND they were pretending to be RUSSIAN! (Bones idea, not Booth's) Just watching Bones try to be a female assistant to Booth's knife thrower was hysterical. Her stiff body movements while attempting to be sexy and carefree was dead on!

And did I mention Andy Richter was the ringmaster!??? (BTW, the AWESOMELY FUNNY Andy Richter Controls The Universe is apparently FINALLY coming to DVD in March).

Loved this week's new squint Vincent (Ryan Cartwright). Not my favorite one but one of the better ones (and yes, my judgement is solely on: cute? check! funny? check! accent? bonus check!) and loved that Camille managed to convince Bones to videocam their circus act solely for the Jeffersonian gang's enjoyment unbeknownst to Bones.

Alas, conjoined twins are dead and the investigation becomes a circus. Literally, with a high-wire finale and all! (Really, Bones walks the high-wire!).

The Office - Prince Family Paper - Ep. 512

I've met Hilary Swank. I was a total tool and embarrassed myself in front of the two-time Oscar winner and she was nothing but gracious and cool and down-to-earth but seriously, I cannot think about it. I'm still so embarrassed that I'm blocking it out of my head. That being said, she's not really that hot, but she is quite attractive. Then again, I'm gay. What do I know?

Jim had great usage of red wire. Loved seeing Dwight climb the pole outside following it all. Didn't love Dwight and Michael being separated from the rest of the gang again, letting their tomfoolery out into the real world without any damper, but Michael did have some great lines, particularly about Vietnam!

On a completely irrelevant note, Stanley and Oscar turned 50 this past week in real life. 50? Really? Oscar especially doesn't look it. I'm impressed!

More on 30 Rock, American Idol, Lie to Me, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, 90210, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice:

30 Rock - Retreat to Move Forward - Ep. 309

Jenna's hair burning witch appearance during Kenneth's costumed witch stunt to convince Tracy to eat his vegetables was probably the most absurd, insane and stupid moment this week that I almost fell off my couch laughing.

I also enjoyed Liz's new friends at the retreat Jack drags her to.

American Idol - Auditions in San Francisco and Louisville - Ep. 803, 804

Where are the good singers? Seriously? Where are they? I'm entering a pool and I need some help and these audition eps. haven't really given me anyone to pick from yet.

Maybe the Wicked dude (who, if he got rid of the Fall Out Boy haircut, I might consider), or that blonde hottie.

Lie To Me - Pilot - Ep. 101

I watched. I liked. I'll probably watch a few more times before it gets lost by the wayside for me (basically for timeslot rival Lost).

I forgot that I actually like Tim Roth and Kelli Williams' character actually had some funny tics. I liked Brendan Hines as the truth-telling assistant but the best moment was when Tim and Kelli's character went in search for the Latina airport security lady and susses her out for her lie-detector skills. It was the Cinderella moment we all love, but sadly, it's already been done in the pilot and that's it for that story.

Still, like The Mentalist, I liked it far more than I would have imagined. Unlike The Mentalist, it doesn't shamelessly have Simon Baker's hair, eyes and smile to entice me to come back week after week. Still, I might hang on for a few more week's than I imagined and see how it goes. I doubt I'll hang on as long as Without a Trace and with only 4 main characters, it'll be hard to replicate the wonderful dynamics within the ensemble cast of Bones but I'll give it a try. It's certainly better than Private Practice, 90210 (see below) and I'm still watching THOSE shows (though lord knows why since I actually have a life I'm trying to lead).

The New Adventures of Old Christine - What Happens in Vegas Is Disgusting in Vegas - Ep. 414

Why don't we see more of Richard's gay brother? I'll blame Richard, who doesn't see much of his gay brother (Charles Esten).

Gary Unmarried - Gary Moves Back In - Ep. 113

Last week I was secretly ashamed that I watched every episode of this show. This week, I'm not even going to hide it. It was laugh out loud hilarious this week as Gary moves back in ex-wife Allison's house (when she accidentally floods his house) and Gary gives advice to Tom who is set up on a date with the new hot girl nextdoor.

Seriously, Ryan Malgarini as Tom (Gary's son) is hysterical and while his acting skills leans toward the sitcomy (vs. Michael Cera in Arrested Development type acting), he's a total riot and probably the Tom-centred episode is why I laughed so much. (And to back myself up, I also loved Ryan Gosling when he was full out sitcom schlocky in Breaker High and had totally called him out as a true actor and that he was better than you would think from seeing that Canadian teen show.)

90210 - By Accident - Ep. 114

I wish I could say I accidentally watched this but I didn't. And I'm STILL not sure why I keep watching this consciously. Though it does knock me out a bit. At least hot teach Ryan (Eggold) Matthews returns and is pissed off at Silver and looking old and creepy. Seriously? He's 23? In the show AND in real life?

Ugly Betty - Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown - Ep. 312

I've been far more positive about this show than everyone else seems to have been, and I still love the show and hold out hope. But there were far too many inconsistencies here and little things that seemed WAY out of character that it bothered me the whole time. Like NO WAY would Wily be seen with a Sunglasses Suntan. No WAY.

I did love her tussle with Marc after she threw him under the bus as he tried to save her ass. And I did love the litlte bone she threw at him (in more responsibility. Get that dirty mind out of the gutter).

Meanwhile, Ignacio isn't dead, just in recovery from a heart attack, leaving Betty and Hilda trying to juggle their jobs while taking care of dad. I actually like the heartfelt stuff (and especially when the underated Ana Ortiz gets to show off some dramatic moments as Hilda (since she's already a hoot with the little time she's given)) but maybe I'm on sister fighting overload from Privileged but it was getting a little tedious.

At least they shoved in a little blackmailing when Betty discovers Suzuki St. Pierre's real identity, a straight Jersey suburban husband with kids and minivan (GASP. A MINIVAN... Oy Vey)! Who knew Alec Mapa could play butch? I'm serious. Who knew?

Grey's Anatomy - Stairway to Heaven - Ep. 512

Okay, I didn't really care for the last few episodes but I think with the CONSTANT POUNDING MUSIC to TELL US the big DILEMA of keeping the serial killer ALIVE or NOT made it pretty DRAMATIC. I GET IT. Still, loved Christina's look. And loved Bailey's look. (Hmm... you mean the two best actresses on the series? How odd...!)

I felt like I was already watching The Watchmen or some superhero movie during any DIzzie scenes. Again, propelled by the INTENSE MUSIC PLAYING during all their SCENES. Just the rhetoric they were spewing would have fit in perfectly in some superhero movie.

Meanwhile, why do I feel like I just learned that a penis can be broken? Especially now that Lexie has broken Sloane's after some intense sex in the on-call room. (OH... right... it was in Coupling again. Man, that show really comes up a lot this week). I'm going to cross my legs now...

Okay, back to DIzzie. Whoa, they ARE making her sick (as in ill people! sheesh). Denny was back for HER. Now how long are they going to prolong THAT storyline? (It would have been nicely shocking if she actually did die (though I'm actually a Heigl fan and one of the reasons why I liked this show and I could see her point in her rant against the writers last Emmy Award season) but alas, she's so far just sick).

Also, with the few face shots of George, I almost forgot he WAS still on this show. Poor T.R. Knight. Remember the good ol' 2nd Season days?

Still, call me crazy but that was one of the better episodes of late, even with the POUNDING MANIPULATIVE SCORE.

Private Practice - Nothing To Fear - Ep. 213

Is Grant Show joining the cast? Did I know this? Did I care?

Who is going to be left for the impending Melrose Place remake? Ah, I became a Billy man anyways... Oh Andrew Shue...


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