Friday, January 30, 2009

The Horror The Horror - Supernatural, American Idol And Private Practice

Oh the horrors of this week's Thursday night! The continuing horror of the auditions on American Idol, the continuing horror that is called Private Practice, and the awesomeness of the horror show Supernatural!

Supernatural - After School Special - Ep. 413

In theory I like Supernatural but I've never been a horror fan, and get easily freaked out, so I usually keep putting off watching the show while it collects over the season (basically cause I'm scared). I was just about to give up on catching up with it but then tuned in last night, since Grey's, The Office and 30 Rock weren't on, and was reminded of how awesomely funny and terrific the show is. I was still scared and covered my face a few times, but the handsome faces of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and their hilarious repartee more than make up for the scary bits.

Plus, any show that has an episode called Criss Angel Is a Douche Bag (last week's episode 412 which I still have saved and need to watch soon, preferably not at night when it's already dark) has got to be awesome!

I loved that they actually found two young actors (Brock Kelly and Colin Ford) that actually looked a bit like Ackles and Padalecki with Kelly even mimicking Dean's speaking tone. The flashback's to Sam and Dean's youth were hilarious (when it wasn't freaky scary) and I loved the slight twist on the bully story.

Meanwhile, Jensen Ackles can blow my whistle anytime! (As he pretends to be the gym teacher substitute while they investigate creepy deaths at their childhood school).

Though I will have one complaint. I still think of "DEAN" as Jared from his Gilmore Girls days so I get very confused when they refer to each other and they say Dean and I look straight at Jared and not Jensen. Seriously, they couldn't have named the character something else when they cast Jared straight from Gilmore?

American Idol - Auditions in New York City and San Juan, Puerto Rico - Ep. 807

OH THEY'RE DONE. THEY'RE DONE WITH THE AUDITIONS! HALLELUJAH! Finally Hollywood week which means it's one step closer to the Top 36 and the Top 12. THANK GOODNESS.

Seriously, do they think these bad auditions are entertaining anymore? I think I was watching the boat bobbing up and down behind the judges in New York for most of last nights episode. When the windows fell (or really the filters used for camera. OH so they DO use them), it was probably the most interesting thing that happened all night.

I've been more interested with the production logistics (like the window filters) than the actual auditions this year. I've been fascinated by that black woman who sits on the side holding the golden tickets. Is that ALL she does? Love that she always looks positively bored out of her mind. Yah, you're not the only one babe. At least you're being paid for it.

Why can't they show some of the better singers instead of showing the two decent (and this year, they are only decent so far, not excellent) singers with sob stories and then flip through the other 7 that got gold tickets in a montage? Then spend the other 45 minutes with endless droning? The bad auditions were funny in the FIRST season.

Private Practice - Second Chances - Ep. 214

Okay, I approve of Audra MacDonald macking on with Grant Show cause that's kinda hot. I still wish Audra would sing but that's another post.

As for the rest of the show, what a hot horrific mess. First, do they have to stick Paul Adelstein with the two most annoying female characters around? KaDee Strickland is still supremely annoying (just look at her NAME) and I can't believe she's married to my exTVboyfriend Roswell's Jason Behr (no longer my TV boyfriend mainly cause he's not on TV anymore but he SHOULD).

And Violet is such a BLOB that I feel like she's sucking in everyone else into her green teary goo. Amy deserves better than this.

At this point, the big crossover episode with Grey's Anatomy next week might be too late, especially now that Grey's itself has become so scarily bad. At this point, the only way to save it is if George and Grant Show start making out and Sloan and Taye Diggs joins in. Then the show will have to be called "Privates Practice" or "Gay's Anatomy"... hmm... that might work!

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