Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lights Off, Lights On

Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com:

Tonight is the 13th episode of Season 3 of Friday NIght Lights on DirecTV and it may be the last ever, unless NBC gives the show a full season order or renews it for Season 4.

I'd be sad but I'm in denial right now so I'm not even going to think that yet and instead enjoy what's turned out to be the most emotionally engrossing and satisfying season of a TV drama in a very long time (and hands down the best series in 2008)

And for everyone else, it all starts on NBC THIS FRIDAY, January 16th at 9pm with the Season 3 premiere!!! So just as the series ends (hopefully temporarily) on DirecTV, it starts up again for most everyone else to experience!!!

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