Sunday, January 11, 2009


Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com:

I watched the full episode of Saturday Night Live because Neil Patrick Harris was hosting.

Sorry. Still not that funny.

Harris was awesome, especially anytime he was paired with Kristen Wiig (and now I can see why everyone is saying she's the best thing about the show right now) but I think I laughed about 5 times in 90 minutes - the musical portions (because even though I love Taylor Swift, she seemed boring/bored on that stage).

The best skit was the ladies one with Harris and Wiig. Harris rocked that wig and fake boobs and nailed the accent. The Broadway one was amusing but seemed to skim the surface of potential comic gold. Plus I know they were just playing to the rest of America who has no idea what actual Broadway shows are currently on the Great White Way but using Cats, The Music Man, Annie? Really?

The Burger King commercial is probably the only one that'll be youtubeworthy (in that it was funny but stands alone and isn't too long).

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Esther said...

Yeah, I have to agree. I love NPH but it wasn't that funny. About the Broadway skit, I agree, they had to use shows people had heard of, but still.

When I took the NBC Studios tour last year, they take you to the SNL studio and on the wall in the corridor they have a picture of the original cast and the current cast. Of course, I knew all the original cast members but I could barely name more than a couple of the current ones!

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