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Queens of Heart - Privileged and Scrubs

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Privileged - All About What Lies Beneath - Ep. 113

You know why I love this show? Because somehow they can write in a scene with a synchronized re-telling of the plight of the Cuban migration to America.

And you dismissed this show as silly and dumb didn't you?

Since Sage likes the new cook Luis (Ignacio Serricchio above), and they think he's Cuban, Sage and Rose decide to throw a charity benefit to Cuba so that they can make Luis the chef in charge and Sage and Luis gets to spend more time together without just bickering. Hence, the whole synchro Cuban thing. I know. It was out of the blue on the show but that's what makes it hilarious!

You know another reason why I love this show? Because as good and wholesome as this show is, like it's main character Megan, it can be a little dirty, like when Marco reacts to Megan finally getting it on with Will in the supply closet at the hospital:

Marco: "so trashy... that's so Grey's of you"! Oh snap! (Also, HOW they got to the hospital? It may be old and it may be slapstick but it was hilarious nonetheless)

Another reason I love this show? Marco may be the snippy, witty and sarcastic gay chef/sidekick but Allan Louis plays it cold and it works. And this time we find out he has a boyfriend! None other than David Monahan as Keith (who I've been in love with since he dated Jack on Dawson's Creek, and who I think is dating Larry Sullivan in real life. It's amazing what you can find out on the net with a little digging).

Too bad the boyfriend didn't last very long as Marco and Keith have differing fights leading them apart.

They sure aren't doing a great job at keeping the hotties on this show? Especially now that news that Michael Cassidy will be leaving the show due to budgetary reasons. How are they going to be paying for Robert Buckley then who joins the show for a few eps? Not that I'm complaining. But how hot would it have been to have both Buckley AND Cassidy together in a scene? The hotness would be too much to bear!

As for now, I'm still happy enough with the charming glow of JoAnna Garcia who can even turn a story of trying to get laid by her boyfriend (who thinks she's the good girl) into something that seems extremely sweet and wholesome (and very funny).

Scrubs - My Jerks, My Last Words - Ep. 801, 802

The gang from Sacred Heart are back! For season 8 (already!???)! And they're at their new home on ABC where even the website is already better set up than the NBC one they were given. I really hope this does well, if only so that they can say SUCK IT NBC but while the first two episodes were improvements over that last season on NBC (which sort of petered out, what happened to the episodes NBC couldn't even be bothered to burn off?), it still has lost a lot of its original zing.

Still, the addition of our good friend Courtney Cox (looking more and more like Demi Moore) as new chief Dr. Maddox seems to work both for the show and her career (not that she needs to work with all that Friends money but at least we know she can be someone other than Monica). I'm not sure I'm really buying the new interns (especially since word is if the show were to continue, this new batch would probably be the shows new stars) who so far are equally as annoying as all the new interns on Grey's Anatomy.

Pitting Cox and Maddox has a nice balance to it, and love that there is finally someone even Jordan has no power over. Love that Maddox fires Janitor and wasn't kidding. Still glad that Keith (the yummy Travis Shuldt) is around and still sad over the breakup with Elliot. Glad that Carla actually tells Elliot the truth and that Turk stays on Carla's side (if only for the sanctity of his marriage). In fact, it's nice to see the whole gang again except if I'm getting slightly tired of one person, it's actually Zach Braff's J.D., whose childish antics may have seemed cute when he was younger (most notably reminded in the original opening where he looks SOOOO much younger) but now that it's 8 years later, it's the weakest part of the show. And oddly, his final year of his contract is the main catalyst to end the show after this season.

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