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The Secret Viewing Patterns of Vance - The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, The Real World and More

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The Secret Life of The American Teenager - The Secret Wedding of The American Teenager - Ep. 112 - Season 1 Part 2 Premiere

The acting is still sh!tty and the pacing is still very odd but lordy lord lord is this show addictive in its combination of outrageous stories within a sanitized morality play that somehow manages to address real issues honestly without any condescension.

But still. A WEDDING???

That was RIDONKULOUS! I can't WAIT for the smackdown after. There will be a smackdown after right? Ben's father is a former Sopranos and as nice as he was in Season 1, I'm waiting for the smackdown. Can't wait.

The Real World: Brooklyn - Ep. 2101 - Season Premiere

Is it just me (actually, not) or is this new group of Real Worlders actually kinda cool and likable? Even Ryan, the smalltown Iraq vet is endearing in an I'm-ignorant-but-I'm-trying-I'm-really-trying-but-just-don't-call-me-gay-but-I-swear-I'm-cool-with-it kinda way. Sarah, the artsy punk girl who is a sweetheart, and J.D., the dolphin-training gay guy with the tough upbrining, seem super awesome (though the clip of JD smashing the table while yelling at who I think is Sarah makes me super curious about the future). Scott is superhot to look at. That's all that is needed. He doesn't have to do anything else except to keep taking his shirt off!

Katelynn, the post-op transgendered roomate, is course a fascinating mix into it all, especially with Ryan, like a little kid, being totally fascinated by her story.

If anybody annoys me at this point, it's probably Chet, and even then, not really (as compared to some former Real Worlders). At this point, the girls (Sarah, Baya and Devyn) have been overshadowed by the boys (mostly the bromance between Chet and Ryan vs. the LGBT bond between JD and Katelynn (um, I kinda teared up when they hugged in the car after outing themselves)) but so far I'm intrigued. Especially since I totally skipped Hollywood and I don't think I've seen a full season since... ... ... Hawaii? (Oh, I think I caught most of Austin)

More on Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Top Chef, Flashpoint

Desperate Housewives - Connect! Connect! - Ep. 512

Gaby dragging her kids around, Bree being told she's overbearing, Susan locked in the basement with Edie. All great though I felt they could have mined the comedy a bit more in each of the stories. Especially while Lynette continues to deal with Parker and grandma and Dave moves in with Mike to get closer to the enemy.

Still, I was hoping for a bigger showdown between Bree and Andrew though I will never complain about the shots on Todd Grinnell's face.

Brothers & Sisters - Sibling Rivalry - Ep. 312

Loved the somewhat simplified if not totally unheard of spiel the architect gave to his underlings when Nora the Commoner ranted against his superfluous design. I think I myself have a similar rant though I also have another rant in my back pocket for architects who don't know how to "connect" and live in their own egotistical dreamworld.

As someone who has spent many of hours building intricate building models, I still had to laugh when Nora smashed her project to bits. As horrifying as it was.

I liked where the Sarah story started off with, having money troubles in the new company and needing an insurgence of cash, but after she rebuffed Kitty's cheque, I lost track of where it all went once she started talking bank loans and this and that.

And while a political campaign could be an interesting way to split up Kevin and Kitty's dividing lines with Robert in the middle, does it have to be with Robert. AGAIN? Didn't we already go there and wasn't it already boring the first time? I kinda tuned out the second half of the episode and completely ignored Holly and Tommy's arguing over business and Sarah again.

Top Chef - Focus Group - Ep. 507

No love lost to Eugene or the blonde girl with the harsh bangs (who for some reason reminds me of Darryl Hannah from the 80's) but that was a great little challenge set up with half the chefs rating the others.

There doesn't seem to be any clear winners does it? Is it me or does Radhika and Jeff do well on the quickfires and Jamie and Ariane doing well on the main challenge with Stefan being arrogant in everything? And Carla seems really all over the place.

Flashpoint - Eagle Two - Ep. 101

I have to watch because it's a Canadian show on an American network. In a second season. Whoa.

For that alone I have to see how the show does, plus bonus points for playing Toronto as Toronto. Yay!

So it's another procedural. It's not great but it's not completely terrible and at least someone is employing Enrico Colantoni (Veronica Mars). Plus I've always had a thing for smalltime Canadian actor Sergio Di Zio (second from left).

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