Monday, August 17, 2009

The TV Blog Coalition - I Can No Longer Think In More Than 140 Characters

As I noted below, it's summer and I'm lazy so I can no longer think of anything longer than 140 characters. So I've tweeted a lot more and while I've been working on a ton of posts for the blog, I've actually published none yet. Yes, I'm that lazy right now.

Oh, I've been watching lots. Catching up with all the cable fare, seen a bunch of movies, and still on my theatre crazy kick (as I type this, I'll have seen 78 shows on stage so far this year! With tons of reviews so far behind that they're practically irrelevant now). But alas, I'll eventually blog more than just So You Think You Can Dance. Eventually...:

It's summer, it's hot, and Vance's brain can no longer think in more than 140 characters. He hasn't blogged much lately, but he's twittered the summer away. (Tapeworthy)

This week, Jace had an exclusive interview with Bones showrunner/executive producer Hart Hanson about what to expect from Season Five of Bones, Booth's mental state, Brennan's Guatemalan trip, Angela's celibacy vow, a possible return to London, Stephen Fry, and much more. (Televisionary)

Design Star -- it's no Project Runway, but it'll do during the summer doldrums. Also, Nathan and Dan are good enough eye candy to keep tuning in. (TiFaux)

The TV Addict starting counting down to Fall with previews of PRIVATE PRACTICE, THE BIG BANG THEORY and CHUCK (The TV Addict)

Dr. Gregory House trying to actually connect with people?!? Matt is excited to see if this House spoiler become a reality. [TV Fanatic]

Buzz geared up for Mad Men's third season with a little quiz about the first two years of the show. (BuzzSugar)

Sandie interviewed Michaela Conlin, who plays Angela on Bones. (Daemon's TV)

For those that need some new music to discover, check out the debut album Bible Belt by Diane Birch. (Scooter McGavin's 9th Green)

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