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SYTYCD Canada - Totally T'd Off

So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Top 20 Results Night - The Cut from 20 to 18 - Ep. 207
Judges: Jean-Marc Généreux, Tré Armstrong, Luther Brown, Blake McGrath

Well, the good news is, that at least the Canadian results show is only a half hour. And they trim the fat and get right to the all the main points. There's no time for dilly dallying.

The bad news?

Maddening results.

Yet again. Last year we lost Romina D'Ugo right away and I'm STILL annoyed by that. (Romina, you ROCK girl! And I enjoyed your 1 line in Degrassi Goes Hollywood. Were you at the "Red Carpet" premiere in Toronto tonight? I only saw Caroline and Tamina. Which sadly, made me more excited than anything else at the event (not that I didn't enjoy DGH but I've seen it before and other stuff I can't explain right now)). Anyways, MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE. HUH? How were we allowed to do it here and the American version couldn't? (Or did we work around it all by using Jackson 5 songs?

Top 20 Group Dance
Style: Michael Jackson Tribute
Choreographed by: Gil Duldulao
Song: "I Want You Back/ABC" - Jackson 5

While the individual moves probably weren't the most difficult looking dance moves out there, it certainly looked unified and by design, easily digestible. When there are 20 dancers on that small little stage, it can often look confusing and muddled, but with the 20 split into 4 groups each with distinctive costumes, and the choreo is organized with these 4 units of 5, it made for quite a clean Top 20 dance which was nice to see.

Here's the video:

My Predictions From the Top 20 Performances:
Bottom Three Couples: Kim and Emanuel, Tara-Jean and Everett, Corynne and Anthony (though Tatiana and Austin or Melanie B. and Taylor could be in danger too)
Should Go Home: Kim and Emanuel
Going Home: Emanuel and... um... Corynne?

My thinking is they'll keep Kim for now because she's a female white hip-hopper AND she's Vincent's girlfriend. Whereas they always seem to want to drop Corynne (based on auditions) and yet never do.

Here's the actual results:


Bottom Three couples were:

Tatiana and Austin
Melanie B. and Taylor
Amy and Vincent


First of all, 2 of my favorite guys are up there, and the ones I thought individually performed the best this week of all the guys. Austin and Vincent. And Taylor, while not perfect in his tango, was far from the bottom 3. Plus he's kinda hot in a so-hot-that-he-should-be-arrogant-but-instead-seems-to-be-the-nicest-guy-ever-f#$k-why-don't-I-have-a-boyfriend-like-that way.

And let me put this bluntly, where the heck is Emanuel in that bottom 6?

The "Dance for Your Lives" Solos

Melanie Buttarazzi
Song: (Anybody catch the song?)
Grade: B+

It's hard to do solo's as a latin ballroom dancer, though Heidi probably has since set the standard, and the fringe certainly does help. Melanie shakes it and shakes it well, in a good solo performance that is solid if unoriginal.

Amy Gardner
Song: "Possession" - Sarah McLachlan
Grade: B+

I have something against Amy for some reason and I really don't know why. She's perfectly lovely and considering her misstep in this week's performance, she still managed to stay on track for the rest of the dance, but it's still probably the judges pimping her to Top 4 ALREADY that annoys me. I know, not really her fault but still. Luckily, her solo, while standard contemporary stuff, is pretty good, and proves that she does have some skills.

Tatiana Parker
Song: "Starstruck" - Lady Gaga ft. Space Cowboy & Flo Rida
Grade: A-

I loved her when I saw her Top 20 performance live, but then realized all the flaws and posing she did when I re-watched it on TV. Still, maybe it's because I liked her from the auditions, but I thought her solo was great and showed she's got sass and style.

Taylor James
Song: (Anybody catch the song?)
Grade: B+

If they love Amy's solo, then they've got to love this one. Slightly above standard contemporary solo that's just solid with a soulful touch. Amazing coming from a vampire (see my True Blood comment from yesterday! ha!)

Vincent Desjardins
Song: (Anybody catch the song?)
Grade: A-

A great ballroom solo that adds a bit of spice and cheekiness, and one that actually tells a storyline, albeit a bit literally to the music, but one nonetheless. It's a bit like Dmitry and Evan's solo's combined, while looking like Pasha and... Josh Groban? WHO DOES VINCENT REMIND ME OF??? It's bugging me like crazy.

Austin Di Iulio
Song: (Anybody catch the song?)
Grade: A-

A bundle of tricks but OH WHAT A BUNDLE OF TRICKS THAT WAS! Not since Neil (Oh NEIL!) has the tumbling been so good and continuous, yet there seemed to be a bit more flow than what some of the recent tricksters did (see anybody from SYTYCD S4 and S5). Nice and strong and is definitely added to my radar now.

in the end, the judges were NOT unanimous with their decision for the girls and in the end, Tatiana Parker is kicked out. I'm not totally surprised from her weaker performance in the Capoeira but I would have chosen Amy, but remember, she's Top 4. They can't kick her out NOW just after they said that, can they?

There's no way they're kicking out Vincent, nor Austin after a strong showing in both his Capoeira and his solo, so by default, poor Taylor James gets the boot. "I Will Remember You". Perfectly sung.

Alas, so long Tatiana and Taylor. Two T's get eliminated this week (leaving Tara-Jean left, so not a total cut of all the T's in the competition). It shouldn't have been these two but alas, Canada kept Emanuel safe. And the judges kept Amy safe. Shame.

Now this leaves Mel B. paired with Austin. Could be a good mix. (I wonder if that ever gets considered in the vote off?)

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"Now this leaves Mel B. paired with Austin. Could be a good mix. (I wonder if that ever gets considered in the vote off?)"
I think it does... my (conspiratorial) guess is they didn't want to get rid of Melanie B. since she's the only ballroom girl out there, and they didn't want to get rid of Amy since besides just declaring her top 4, that would leave Mel B. w/ Vincent, another ballroom dancer. Tatiana was good but they still had Natalie and Kim to represent the female hiphop, so...