Monday, May 14, 2007

Brothers & Sisters - Family Matters

Favorite Son

After last week's food fight, this weeks episode just seemed that much more somber and sensible. Julia has the twins but one needs surgery (and could easily get it from his twin sister, but thus it endangers both lives). Jack McCalister's past comes back to haunt him when someone who knows of his less-than-brave decision back in battle comes back looking to blackmail him, so Kitty of course runs to Kevin for help (and comes up with a bit-too-convenient solution that while joyous to watch, seemed a bit too easy). Joe and Sarah decide to do a trial separation with Joe moving to his own apartment, while Rebecca catches Nora breaking down after the news of the new baby twins and the ultimate decision Tommy and Julia will be forced to make. Jack also helps Justin ease into his decision to go back to Iraq and then Jack asks Kitty to marry him (which she says yes of course, right before she hears of new baby boy twin William Walkers death).

Next week, Matriarchy, the season finale to book end the pilot Patriarchy.

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