Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Throw It Out On The Lot

I caught the results from On The Lot last night and werjklzkzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Actually, I did find my inner film geek get slightly excited, too bad the bloated show was poorly produced and kinda boring with a HORRIBLE host. Even CRAZY Garry Marshall couldn't liven things up.

As for the results, well. 2 Women were knocked out of the 3 ousters. Should I be surprised?

As for the top 3 winners, I liked the scientist one by the Canadian dude (woohoo! O Canada!). He had the perfect nerdy and affable likability that is just perfect for winning this film geek contest. You just go with that boy. People love that humility shit. Doesn't hurt that his short was actually funny even though it wasn't really new or anything (then again, is anything?).

And for the one the judges hated? Get a Room or something like that? Well, I laughed at the end when the dude got zapped to hell but I did think the actor portrayed the character more like a mental handicapped person rather than just a plain nerd.

America it seems, really does have bad judgement sometimes but since Are We There Yet and Hostel have been number one movies? Is it really that shocking?

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