Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol - Chikezie, Meet Daniel Powter... Back in Obscurity

Top 10 Results - The cut to 9

Yea yea, it was another "SHOCKING" result. Except it really wasn't. Starting to love Syesha but that was a bad song choice last night.

I actually liked Jason Castro last night but I've never bought into him so it's more like FINALLY.

And did I not call out Chikezie last night?

Let's discuss more important things, like how iTunes ROCKS? Does it? I don't know. I just feels I've been brainwashed after the hour long commercial.

And speaking of being forced fed, what's with the new goodbye song by Ruben Studdard? It totally sucks.

I thought Ferras was this years lottery winner with the official goodbye song "Hollywood's Not America"? (Video after the jump) That seemed to last a couple weeks before things kept switching up, but I actually liked it, a LOT. I guess it was just for Hollywood week?

Speaking of which, what happened to Daniel Powter anyways?

Ferras - "Hollywood's Not America":

Ferras - Hollywoods Not America
Uploaded by davechopsuey

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