Friday, April 11, 2008

30 Rock and The Office - So Unfunny Because It's True

30 Rock - MILF Island - Ep. 211
The Office - Dinner Party - Ep. 409

They're BACK!!!

I think both the show "Milf Island" within the episode of MILF Island and the dinner party in the episode of Dinner Party were so tragically awkward and horrifying that I didn't laugh as much as I usually do with these shows because I was just horrified the whole time. Seriously, it was funny and yet not, because it was almost too true.

The thought of a show like "Milk Island" and the cougar breasts jiggling in front of adolescent boys should have been haha funny but instead, I think I was truly disturbed the entire rest of the 30 Rock episode because I knew execs at CBS and FOX were both scrambling away to get it made for real first.

Yes, the whole premise of Jack trying to suss out the backstabbing employee who told Page Six about his childhood insecurities (well, not really but they happened to actually be his childhood insecurities) with all the writers turning into some Big Brother/Survivor witch hunt should have been hilarious. Especially since it was Liz who poo pooed on Jack, AND that Kenneth was the only one who knew the truth, but I was seriously disturbed by the jiggling cougar breasts on the show within the show. Ugh... [shudder]. (Look, I'm not against cougars per se ladies/ma'am so don't go harking on me, but I ain't into the boobs period so back off sista').

On The Office, Michael and Jan have a dinner party for couples only, leaving Dwight sadly out.

If only Pam and Jim could be so lucky.

Best reaction of the night: When Michael tells Pam that he thinks Jan is trying to poison him, then Pam realizes that IF Jan was trying to kill anybody, it would be her, the girl who Jan thinks was Michael's ex, and who must still love him.

Loved that Michael dipped his food in his wine to get the alcohol to disinfect whatever he thinks might kill him.

Best response of the night: Jim to Michael when he asks to stay over after Jan and Michael have a huge blowout in front of guests Pam, Jim, Angela, Andy, a dinner-party crashing Dwight and his babysitter : Jim: (quickly and plainly) "My apartment is on fire...".

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