Thursday, April 03, 2008

Men In Trees - A Convincing Promotion To Move to Alaska, or Squamish At Least

Sea Change - Ep. 207, Sweatering It Out - Ep. 208, Charity Case - Ep. 209, Sonata in Three Parts - Ep. 210, Home Seized Home - Ep. 211, Read Between the Minds - Ep. 212, A Tale of Two Kidneys - Ep. 213 Get a Life - Ep. 214

I haven't been blogging about Men in Trees lately, not because I don't love it anymore (I do), but just because there really isn't much to say about it on a weekly basis. Which doesn't mean it isn't good. I've said it from the start, it's a great fluff piece perfect for those cozy nights in with some junk food (take your pick, sugary or salty? a bit of both? Just like the show!) and a glass of wine.

The show hasn't been perfect, throwing some outlandish things at us (Jane's little parents, Patrick's amnesia, Buzz as Patrick's father, Mario Cantone as someone who is actually not annoying), but the show has written some of the most grounded amusing characters that I ACTUALLY LIKE AND WOULD WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH that it reminds me that a show doesn't need crazy plots and mysteries to keep me coming back. Sometimes it IS just as simple as having characters we like to spend time with. Remember those days on TV?

Anne Heche is actually likable as Marin and I love the bevy of re-occurring men that seems to parade through Marin's life. Love that they bring back Stuart (Jason O'Mara from my favorite lazy day in a foreign country show Monarch of the Glen). Love that Cash (Scott Elrod) is still around.

And of course Jack (James Tupper), with his gruff grunts and making unintelligible dialogues somehow extremely sexy and appealing (plus the new trim is a plus). Love that the men all kind of just float in and out of Marin's life, which actually seems somehow more realistic. Love that most of the men don't really talk. So true.

Love the townfolks of Elmo, Alaska! And so many couples! Of every range at every point of a relationship. Buzz and Mai, Ben and Theresa, Celia and Dick, Sarah and Eric, Patrick and Annie and Jane and Sam! Plus Jerome and his heartbreaks, awww...

So since the last time I talked about Men In Trees back in November, Patrick and Annie were about to get married until Patrick gets struck by lighting and forgets everything, including Annie. This allows them to split them up again and restart their meeting (cheeky of them) but they are buying their time by giving them side stories and giving Patrick a slightly new outgoing persona, though at least at the core, it's still Derek Richardson's goofy self.

The slow return to Patrick and Annie together again was soooo cute, especially when they were both thrown in jail by Patrick's mom Celia, but now they seem to be throwing new singles at them to split them apart again. Usually an annoying plot device especially since they already did it, but it's been kind of interesting with the hockey god Ivan (Diego Klattenhoff, Whistler) chasing after Annie and the (large for TV but normal in real life) wing-woman that seems to connect with Patrick.

Jane and Plow Guy Sam. Oh PLOW GUY! Their quick marriage, their move to New York, the Times announcement, Plow Guys emotional crying, and resulting speech he makes was a fairy tale ending worthy of a Disney adaptation. Or a musical! Maybe a Disney musical. It is an ABC show so we are halfway there already!

Then there's Sara and Pastor Eric! Oooh. I've always loved these two actors in real life so it's extra bonus that they get to play sweet here. Seriously Suleka Mathew and Nicholas Lea are adorable together, though I didn't mind that doctor-in-the-ambulance they threw in for a loop (that I bet will return to add more potholes into Sara and Eric's growing relationship.

Currie Graham is used nicely here as Celia's younger fellow cop/boyfriend and helps soften Celia. Plus, he's another Canadian in a cast (how many are we at now? James Tupper, Suleka Matthews, Nicholas Lea, Sarah Strange as Theresa, and Currie Graham! No wonder I feel comfortable watching... these ARE my people! Is Timothy Webber (as Jerome)? I think so...).

Plus, you've got to hand it to the writers and producers for making Mario Cantone into an actual likable character. I'm actually loving this buddy storyline with Cash that's starting up as Cantone's Terri decides to help save sickly Cash by donating a kidney.

Morgan Fairchild! (Who?) Shows up in Elmo as Morgan Fairchild and it actually made an amusing guest appearance that sort of bluntly laid down the daily rigours of a former TV star now on the lecture/shopping centre opening circuit without being demeaning. It's part of the charm of Men In Trees, turning everyone's daily grind into a fairytale that isn't too sickly sweet or unrealistic but that still melts the heart.

Almost makes me want to move to Alaska, or at least Squamish, BC (where they partly film).

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