Thursday, April 03, 2008

So She Thinks She Can Host - The Canadian Cat Deeley

Leah Miller has been chosen to host So You Think You Can Dance Canada. (And don't forget, auditions start in Vancouver on Monday (Apr. 7th)!)

She's our Cat Deeley. Let's hope.

Let's hope she's not like SYTYCD's first host, the colagen lips woman (Lauren Sanchez...ugh... [shudder]).

Leah Miller currently hosts Much on Demand (think TRL) on MuchMusic (the Canadian MTV in a way, except it actually plays music videos) but since CTV bought MuchMusic (and already owns MTVCanada), Leah Miller gets super lucky with her new parent company.

Apparently she's dating Dallas Green of (one of my favorite "bands") City and Colour as well as Alexisonfire. That's hot.

Apparently she's friends with Hilary Duff. That's not.

I actually don't mind her on MuchMusic but I think my favorite VJ is Sarah Taylor. She just makes everything cool.

So we will have to see how Leah does. I'm not sure she'll have the innocence of Cat Deeley but she won't be as horrible as Lauren.

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