Monday, April 07, 2008

Better Alternatives That More People Should Be Watching Instead

(I've decided I'm going to be bossy today. (Okay fine, I'm always bossy))

According to Jim is still on? I just noticed that in the listings yesterday as I was updating things. And people are still watching?

So I was watching Everybody Hates Chris last night and thinking, if people are still looking for a nice family sitcom, one that isn't offensive and is ACTUALLY still amusing (and harks back to those family sitcoms from yesteryears), why aren't more people watching Everybody Hates Chris instead of According to Jim (and I'm going to ignore the black white thing because it really is irrelevant, or should be).

I will admit, sometimes Chris is a little forgettable but it's a cute and charming and is a nice enough to be a good Sunday night show to wind down and gear up for the work week again. Plus, as I've defended before, Tichina Arnold is hysterical as mother Rochelle and Terry Crews is terrifically understated as father Julius. It's just a nice wholesome half hour that doesn't completely dull the senses and has just enough sarcasm for our 21st century sensibility, so again, why aren't more people watching Everybody Hates Chris?

So this got me thinking, what other shows out there that does well have better counterparts that more people aren't watching?

Canadians get the Muslim in a white world unfunny comedy Little Mosque on the Prairie but for something with some real bite, check out one of my new faves, The CW's Aliens in America, which I've hyped a lot already on this blog, and while it's on repeats right now for a few weeks, it doesn't matter since most of you have never watched it anyways, so catch up now!

Instead of watching NCIS, CSI:Pick Your City or Numb3rs, catch up on Bones on Fox which is a much funnier, and somehow more humane forensics show than the CBS predecessors.

When it started, I labeled it as CSI:Young People in DC, but it has defied its genre and turned out to be one of the most romantic, yes, I said romantic, shows currently on TV, all while the science geeks dig through bones from murder scenes.

And I'm ready to rumble with the OTH fans but seriously, if it's young people in a small town drama with a touch of sports, forget One Tree Hill and watch Friday Night Lights instead (and yes, it's back for another season and I'm not going to stop until everyone has picked up the DVD's and start watching so you might as well give up now so I can stop nagging).

Instead of any of those horror movies on the big screen, Supernatural is a much better (and cheaper) alternative.

Instead of the vapidly horrific The Hills, watch Gossip Girl. Why is it not a bigger hit? Even in the real tabloid press, I'd much rather see Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford and Blake Lively plastered over the covers everyday than Heidi, Lauren and Spencer (and why do I even know their names?).

Instead of watching Medium, check out the much better British show afterlife which originally ran on ITV back in 2006, played on BBC Canada and BBC America and is now on DVD in the UK (not sure about elsewhere at this point). As a bonus, it co-starred Andrew Lincoln, who was the guy in love with Keira Knightly in Love Actually.

Instead of Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader, turn off the TV and go study instead.

So, what other alternatives could I suggest?


Michelle said...

Although it is quite hard to find, I'd highly recommend replacing any of the CSI shows with Canadian series Da Vinci's Inquest. Amazing characters, amazing writing and more realistic (ie. mundane and everyday) crimes, not the glammed-up, sunglass-removing (or putting on) nonsense that CSI is.

oakling said...

Aliens in America is still on? Ok, I need to get over to the CW more often. I am going to go home and hit up my TiFaux!

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