Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Degrassi: 90210 Arrested Development

Shenae Grimes is the new Shannen Doherty.


UPDATE: EVEN MORE further interesting casting announced today!

Didn't the original Beverly Hills 90210 base itself from the original Degrassi High when Aaron Spelling wanted to bring it to the states?

So this is kinda like full circle isn't it?

Shenae Grimes, Darcy on Degrassi: The Next Generation is moving to Beverley Hills: 90210 to become Annie Mills, sister to fellow Canadian Dustin Milligan (as adopted brother Ethan Ward/Dixon Mills (?)) with mom Lori Loughlin (Full House, Summerland). You know, that photo from the CTV site of Shenae really DOES look like a younger Lori back in the Full House days. Where's Uncle Jesse when you need him?

UPDATE (May 14 2008): I was wrong about Dustin Mililgan, he plays Ethan Ward, a rival, while Tristan Wilds will play Dixon Mills, the brother.

Well, I'm not that excited about this remake but they've cast two Canadians in the lead, so if rule dictates, it'll probably work (notice almost every successful show has a Canadian in the opening credits cast? We ARE slowly taking over.. har har har...)

I guess that means Darcy leaves Degrassi? Did she even graduate? I can't even remember where we left off at this point. I thought they were going to centre the show around her and Peter, since Lauren Collin's Paige, Adamo's Marco and Stacey's Ellie are all pretty much leaving. Is ANYBODY around for season 8?

UPDATE CONTINUED: According to Ausiello via theTVaddict, Jessica Walter (Arrested Development) will play Tabitha Mills, grandmother to Annie Mills.

Dirt's Ryan Egghold is Ryan "the teacher".

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