Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Do You Know This Fool? - Russell Peters

So I mentioned that Russell Peters is hosting this years Juno Awards (the Canadian Grammy's) but I'm not sure how many people know about him yet, so I will gladly post some more of this Canadian's comedian's routine! If you like Margaret Cho's stuff, you will probably enjoy Peters' routines.

First, just go get his DVD Outsourced (filmed in San Francisco). That's the best intro to his stuff. Or uh, youtube Russell Peters, it's all there.

And yes, he's East Indian. You were expecting white weren't you?

He's East Indian and he riffs about all ethnics, particularly the ethnics living in North America. It's funny because it's stereotypical and so so true. At least in Toronto where he and I are from (and from the laughter from the San Francisco show, I gather San Francisco too). If there's any place where we can mine the ethnic jokes, it's here. Oh, we all get along and sing in circles holding hands.

Here's Russell Peters on Asians (language NSFW):

Here's one on beating your kids in a multi-cultural society:

On terrorists:

On American culture:

YMCA... haha.. seriously...

Next time? Maybe I'll post some clips from Demetri Martin.

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Michelle said...

I'm actually considering watching the Junos this year because Russell Peters is hosting. But I figure you can't be NSFW when the show is going to be aired on CBC, which really takes the fun out of it.

His bit where he has an East Indian guy trying to haggle with a Chinese vendor at Pacific Mall practically made me die with laughter!

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