Friday, April 04, 2008

Mismatched But Still Enjoyable - Miss Match and Eli Stone

Miss Guided - High School Musical - Ep. 106, Frenemies - Ep. 107
Eli Stone - Heartbeat - Ep. 110

No musical sequence on Eli Stone this week, but there was one in Miss Guided! And yet both totally worked! Though oddly following one another and I'm not sure how well they actually match together (with a repeat of Lost in between that I skipped). Still, I enjoyed both shows tonight and hope both get renewals for the next TV season.

Usually, the best part of Eli Stone is the fact that it has practically turned into the TV musical but this week we went all emotionally dramatic as Eli started having visions as Nathan, his own brother, and started seeing Nate's world on the day their father (Tom Cavanagh) died. I loved that Nate (a previously underused Matt Letscher (above), which I had just mentioned last week) and Eli got to spend more time together as Nate was getting sued for a medical decision he made years back (and that might have been affected by their own fathers alcoholism).

I'm also learning to love the Matt Dowd (Sam Jeager) character and loved that his little tryst with Taylor leaked out to daddy Jordan, who still scares me like Jack Bristow (yet knowing he's a song and dance man kinda throws me all off, which is the wonders of Victor Garber).

Back at high school on Miss Guided, Becky convinces Vice-Principal Bruce to let her take over the high school musical.

They perform Miss Saigon. [blank stare]. Becky gives the lead to one of her favorite students in need of guidance, over the clearly talented student that always gets the lead, and then Becky's choice chickens out, forcing Becky to perform as the lead.

The picture says it all:

And all:

And all:

And all:

Okay. That just sealed the deal for me. I love this show. I love Judy Greer and Kristoffer Polaha.

Now I'm going to miss them. I really home they bring Miss Guided back for another season, since ABC just burned off all 7 episodes ordered for the first season, with the finale finishing last night. And Miss Guided ends just as Becky figures out that newly divorced Lisa is NOT nice and in full competition for the affections of Tim. I like when Judy Greer says the word "frenemies". It's refreshing somehow.

While Chris Parnell got to show off a bit more as acting principal as Principal Huffy leaves the school (as a way to keep himself more liked than the bossy Bruce, brilliant), it was really Earl Billings that took the cake, with a single monotone line reading about why he's a great Principal: because he's "dead on the inside".

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