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[An Original Musical] Going to Broadway!!! Shut the F#$k Up! - [title of show] Hits It Big!

OMG OMG OMG!!! [title of show] is going to BROADWAY!!! That's right Cracker! BROADWAY!!! WOOOEEEE!!!

FINALLY!!! It's one of my favorite musicals I've never seen (another is She Loves Me which I will finally see in Boston later this season)

Strangely, I had been trying to find a decent version of one of the songs "An Original Musical" to post on this blog TODAY.

Actually, I had meant to do it for months, and I had meant to post [title of show]'s video blog episodes which are HILARIOUS (especially the later ones, and especially the Cheyenne Jackson cameos and the Christmas special and the Broadway star cameos) but I kept waiting...

but finally... it's TIME!!! And I've posted all the videos below after the jump.

And wow, that's two little musicals that really could now in the past few weeks! In a year of the little musicals that could! Last season, Spring Awakening and Grey Gardens moved to Broadway from Off-Broadway, then Xanadu opened, now Passing Strange and In The Heights are here, and the recent news that Glory Days is moving to the Great White Way! The move to Glory Days made me really excited, but a little sad because people assumed [title of show] was getting Circle in the Square Theatre, but now it don't matter!!!

[title of show] is moving into the Lyceum (where I'm seeing Macbeth with Captain Jean Luc Picard this Saturday too!!!)

According to the NY Times, [title of show] will open at the Lyceum on July 5th for previews with an official opening date of July 17th!

What's the show about? It's about 2 guys writing a musical about 2 guys writing a musical.

And the video blogs they made were about 2 guys trying to get their musical about 2 guys writing a musical about 2 guys writing a musical to Broadway.

Got it?

And while I haven't actually seen it, the Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording is HILARIOUS!!! (Tracks listed after the jump).
Seriously, "An Original Musical" is one of the funniest songs EVER. Musical or not! Shut the f#$k up! I can't wait to see Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen perform it in person! (And uh, since there's no good version I can find on the net, email me if you REALLY want to hear it... ahem...)

And everyone (well, all 4 cast members) are making the move to Broadway!!! Susan Blackwell plays Susan, Hunter Bell plays Hunter, Heidi Blickenstaff plays Heidi and Jeff Bowen plays Jeff. I think they miscast a few roles. They should have gotten Paris Hilton.

As you can tell, the whole thing is a bit meta.

Musical Numbers

"Untitled Opening Number" (Company)
"Two Nobodies In New York" (Jeff, Hunter)
"An Original Musical" (Jeff, Blank Paper)
"Monkeys And Playbills" (Company)
"The Tony Award Song" (Jeff, Hunter)
"Part Of It All" (Jeff, Hunter)
"I Am Playing Me" (Heidi, others)
"What Kind Of Girl Is She?" (Heidi, Susan)
"Die, Vampire, Die!" (Susan, others)
"Filling Out The Form" (Company)
"September Song" (Company)
"Secondary Characters" (Heidi, Susan)
"A Way Back To Then" (Heidi)
"Nine People's Favorite Thing" (Company)
"Finale" (Company)

Not On The Recording
"Awkward Photo Shoot" (Company)
"Change It/Don't Change It" (Company)

Here are the [title of show] Show:
The Pilot episode:

Episode 2 Part 1:

Episode 2 Part 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Promo for Episode 6:

Episode 6:

The [title of show] show Christmas Special:

Episode 7:


And because I know you're lazy, here's the links to the links they tell you to go to in the Extra episode:

Snake Eat Tail


More Tail Eat In


Snake Butt Snack

UPDATE: NEW EPISODE 8!!!(Apr. 4 2008)

Now go see the show on Broadway!!! See you there!!!

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