Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tapeworthy - Bones, Samantha Who?, Corner Gas, Beauty and the Geek

Just random shows I've been watching that I just wanted to mention and give my 2 cents this week on things I continue to find Tapeworthy.

Bones - The Man in the Mud - Ep. 311
Samantha Who? - The Girlfriend - Ep. 110, The Boss- Ep. 111
Corner Gas - Season 5 So Far
Beauty and the Geek From Geek to Chic Ep. 505, Flame Broiled Chick - Ep. 506

How terrific was the return of one of the most romantic and one of the funniest shows around? Bones got right into the mood with that romantic escape into the mud pits for a young hot couple until they find a dead body in the mud. Ew!

The squints are back in the lab, Angela is back to being lovely, and Bones and Booth are back to their bantering ways, and I loved every minute of it.

But let's talk about the best scene of all, the double date with Dr. Sweet (John Francis Daley) and his girlfriend doing clay pottery with Booth and Bones during an "excursion". And let the awkwardness fly along with the clay spinning on those spiny things! Loved when Sweet tried to apologize for his girlfriend after Bones' usual literal diatribes and loved how Booth tries to smooth things out. It was a great little interplay of four very different personalities and it's what this show does best!

Even without going into the continuing stories like Gorgamon or Angela's ex, the show speeds by with actual human emotions and character development without losing the case-of-the-week steam (which I TOTALLY thought would be wheelchair man because Chris Martin (not Coldplay guy, Canadian actor from Tom Stone, Felicity) played him (no?) and the creepy lawyer guy played by Lost's M.C. Gainey was too obvious. And STILL I was wrong!).

You know, I was REALLY liking Samantha Who? before it went off the air from the writers strike/losing Dancing with the Stars lead-in and while I never necessarily thought of it as a comedy (it's really more of a drama with funny situations), I really didn't feel the return of Samantha Who? was funny at all, but I really want to like this show. I really do! I think it has something to do with Christina Applegate who I just really want to like, and the fantastic supporting cast.

At least the second episode was funnier, with Samantha dealing with the loss of Todd to Kiele Sanchez (who in theory I should like but always seems forced upon (see her quick death on Lost)) and then dealing with her boss coming on to her. Which would be really funny if it weren't for the fact that Timothy Olyphant (above), who plays Samantha's boss, looks a bit like Barry Watson (Todd, below). Still, there were some better moments, especially with Andrea.

I still watch every episode of Corner Gas, the one lone Canadian comedy hit (sorry, I don't count the CBC stuff because none of it is actually funny anymore) so I'm saddened to hear that next years 6th season will be the last, as Brent Butt will be ending the show while it still is actually funny.

Still loving the dry humour and anything Hank does. The entire cast is terrific (and it threw me off a bit when I passed by The Perfect Storm and saw Janet Wright in a dramatic role in a big Hollywood movie but it just shows how awesome she is as the sarcastic Emma). Loved the B&B that Leroy set up unbeknownst to Emma. The bit with The Mighty Ducks' Travis Moen showing up in Dog River somehow worked hilariously, even with Moen's deer-in-the-headlights acting. Love everything the Davis and Karen do as the cops, and love Wanda's sarcastic retorts.

Been loving the whole season so far (and series so far) and glad there will be one more at least to go, but I'll actually miss the comfort of hanging out with the folks of Dog River at Corner Gas every week.

Finally, the best part of Beauty and the Geek is the makeovers (oh, okay, the inner change of the Beauties and the outer confidence growth of the Geeks is great too but seriously, the makeovers is the most fun to watch) episode so it was a little disappointing when last weeks makeovers probably made most of the guys worse looking. Seriously, Tommy looked better before. Chris was WAY more adorable before, now he just looks like they scalped half his hair off. Greg looks essentially the same, Jason looked slimier with his new look, and Matt looked equally as geeky (but adorable still) but with more hair gel.

Only Joe made a vast improvement on the outside, but sadly, his inside was getting uglier, when he really started to make things worse in every situation. Like spitting on Randi after an argument.

Of course, Randi brought out the biatch in her, setting the ultimate rivalry with poor sweet Greg and poor sweet Tara (who I was really liking, although maybe partially because she reminds me of Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother, American Pie, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as the poor pawns caught up in Joe and Randi's war of words.

Alas, there was no elimination in last week's makeover episode (because it's just that special!) but sadly, Randi and Greg were sent home from Joe's initial scuffle. And Joe, the lone annoying figure left in the house remains, but at least Tara gets to stay.

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