Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Who Will Be Cupid's Girl?

I usually don't regularly report casting news because, well, I'm not a reporter and I'm not fast enough to catch everything during the day. Plus, I don't want to get my own hopes up for pilots that we may never see (or that will barely survive broadcast airings). I've been hurt too badly in the past (I blame you CBS. I'm still not over Love Monkey). But this news just got me too excited!:

Bobby Cannavale has been cast as Cupid, in the Rob Thomas' (Veronica Mars) remake of his own show originally starring Jeremy Piven.

That. Is brilliant casting. I wasn't sure who could be as great as Piven in a role that requires people to believe that he could be a bit freakish/psycho or the romantic cupid himself, all with comedic timing and charm, but Cannavale fits the bill!

Cannavale has proved himself in versatile roles from Third Watch, to guesting on Sex and the City, Will & Grace, and movies like The Station Agent. I always thought of Cannavale as more of a thuggish brute for some reason after Third Watch but his role in The Station Agent and then as Will's boyfriend on Will & Grace showed me how likable and charming he was. He even came up looking pretty good in the American remake of Shall We Dance. Plus he does a lot of theatre (last seen on Broadway last fall in Mauritius). Plus, he seems to take on gay roles more than the average hunky actor to shake up his beefy image. I like that. It's cool.

Now, to the important question. Who should be his Claire?

In the original, it was Paula Marshall opposite Piven's Cupid.

There are rumours it could be Kristen Bell, back for another outing with her Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas. She's apparently mulling over working with Thomas again, but since he has 3 pilots in the works (the other two being the 90210 remake (which she had BETTER not take) and Good Behavior, a remake of the Australian show Outrageous Fortune (which Jace at Televisionary, who has read the pilot, can't see a role that would fit Bell), we don't know for sure which show she's being courted for. Either way, Bell with Rob Thomas? In perhaps Cupid? That. Would. Be. AWESOME!

But another suggestion on the boards were for Julie Bowen, which would be more suitable in age, and if you've read my Boston Legal or Lost posts, I love me some Ed alums and I LOVE Julie Bowen.

Who else would be good for the role?

More Bobby Cannavale photos after the jump. You know, just to fill space...

Bobby Cannavale and Peter Dinklage in The Station Agent:

Bobby Cannavale and Eric McCormack in Will & Grace:

Cannavale from his Third Watch days:

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