Thursday, August 21, 2008

NBC 2008 - 2009 Video Previews

NBC has FINALLY released clips and commercials for their new fall shows (after ABC, CBS, FOX, and The CW have already long done so) and I guess they were saving it for the Olympics now that they finally have eyes on their network for the first time in months/years and while last years lineup mostly disappointed (did I not call out Bionic Woman as lame even BEFORE Isaiah Washington joined the cast?), I'm going to give NBC my attention for saving Friday Night Lights (albeit for the new year in 2009), 30 Rock, The Office and Chuck.

This years new crop of shows look like a mixed bag again. My Own Worst Enemy looks promising with its spy double identity intrigue going. Kath & Kim looks hilarious although I've heard bad rumours from the set of the Australian sitcom knockoff but the clip seems promising to me, and it has Selma Blair and John Michael Higgins so I'll give it a chance.

America's Toughest Jobs is one of those shows usually found on Discovery but I'm guessing NBC is desperate for filler right now and this is the type of show I would probably end up watching the whole thing once I tune in for 2 minutes. Maybe. If it was summer. But now that all the fall shows are about to start, I don't really care or have the time.

Meanwhile, I'm not that excited about Crusoe and Knight Rider. Both look like shows that should be syndicated to the Xena fans.

My Own Worst Enemy (Mondays 10pm, Premieres Oct. 13th)

I'm not sure why but I knew nothing about this show except that Christian Slater was in it. I would have totally bypassed it if it weren't for this preview which actually is changing my mind and now I'm quite intrigued. Not totally hooked yet, but definitely curious. Christian Slater is both Henry and Edward and one doesn't know they other exists, nor that one's a spy. OOOH Spy shows! Double identities! And Alfre Woodard (Desperate Housewives, Take the Lead) who I love and thinks needs something that really gets to showcase those piercing intelligent eyes. Plus anything that can help Mike O'Malley erase the memory of his own show (his appearances on My Name is Earl helped) is always a good thing. I'm in!

Here is the video preview:

Kath & Kim (Thursdays 8:30pm, Premieres Oct. 9th)

Again, it stars Selma Blair and Molly Shannon. The boy is cute. John Michael Higgins is hilarious. It's campy and trashy. Perfect!

Here's the video preview:

Knight Rider (Wednesdays 8pm Premiering Sept. 24th)

It looks like Transformers, except instead of a whole team of them, we only have one. I heard the TV movie that premiered in the spring was a bit lame and I'm not sure the preview is helping but the fact that Sydney Tamila Poitier (Veronica Mars) is in it, I might give it a chance. They need to cut Justin Bruening's (as Mike Traceur) hair. Then maybe I'll tune in.

Here's the video preview:

Crusoe (Fridays 8pm Premiering Oct. 17th in 2 hr special) Here is the video preview:

America's Toughest Jobs (Mondays 9pm until Heroes begins on Sept. 22nd, Premiereing Aug. 25th)

Josh Temple (who?) hosts a show to find the toughest jobs in some reality show competition where people have to try them all and I'm guessing, survive. From the people who brought you Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers (that means nothing to me).

Here's the video preview:

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