Tuesday, July 08, 2008

ABC 2008-2009 Video Previews

Since ABC basically had the strongest lineup in 2007-2008, it will carry over the most shows thus leaving very few spots open. So there's really only 2 new shows (one drama, one reality game show) starting this fall (in addition to taking on Scrubs), and so far only one announced for midseason (a comedy) at this point (though apparently a few other pilots are still in development).

Life on Mars - Based on the excellent UK show, this new US version produced/not produced by David E. Kelley (is he on the project or not anymore?) is apparently having a LOT or problems and re-casting almost everyone, moving to New York for production and losing Kelley but the original trailer turned out better than I thought, though nothing like the originals' mood and subtlety but what can you expect from a US remake?

Here's the original Life on Mars trailer:

Opportunity Knocks - A new reality gameshow played on the front lawns of peoples homes. Is that J.D. Roth from DOUBLE DARE???

Here's the trailer:

Apparently at this point, it's still too early for midseason replacement The Goode Family because I cannot find a video clip for it anywhere.

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