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So You Think You Can Dance - And They're Off...

Top 12 Results - The Cut From 12 to 10

Well, guys, it is my last night guest-blogging for Vance as he is supposed to be back home by now. If you are feeling bored, head on over to my blog and check it out.

Also, tonight's episode marks the last episode where the couples are paired up as they have been. Also, we get to find out who we'll be seeing on the tour this fall.

Top 12 Group Performance
Hip Hop- Choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon
Song: "Closer" - Ne-Yo

Here's the video clip:

I will keep the complaining about camera movements to a minimum this week. Instead, I will rave about this dance. I really liked it. And was it me, or was it a big display of Gev's talents? Not that I am complaining, since he is growing on me.

So my bottom three predictions were:
Comfort & Thayne
Jessica & Will
Kherington & Twitch

So the bottom 3 teams were:
Comfort & Thayne
Jessica & Will
Kherington & Twitch (Yea, I was 3 for 3!)

The guest dancers are from the Alvin Ailey Dance Company performing their famous dance "Revelations." This performance reminded me of Danny Tidwell from last season. These guys really showed up most of the dancers in our lowly competition. Beautiful movement.

Here's the video:

Time to dance for their lives!:

Comfort Fedoke - Solo Dance
Song: "Oh Timbaland" - Timbaland

Every time she has performed her solo, I have wished for more from her. It was fine tonight, but I feel like she has hit a wall and can’t get any further.
Here's the video:

Grade: B

Thayne Jasperson - Solo Dance
Song: "Come Home" - One Republic

His solos really show his passion and remind me why he is here. Unfortunately for Thayne, Will & Twitch are the other two guys in the bottom, so he is definitely going home.
Here's the video:

Grade: A-

Jessica King- Solo Dance
Song: "Best for Last" - Adele

I thought Jessica was a ballet dancer, so I was surprised she did this dance instead. Is she afraid she can’t stay around with just the ballet? It was nothing special for me.
Here's the video:

Grade: B

William Wingfield - Solo Dance
Song: "Daraijan" - Kodo

Will is miles above the rest when it comes to dance technique. But something about him hasn’t connected with the audiences this year.
Here's the video:

Grade: A-

Kherington Payne - Solo Dance
Song: "All We Are" - One Republic

Here solo was good and she smiled all the way through it. You can’t blame these dancers for smiling so much. If they love to dance, then it is OK with me.
Here's the video:

Grade: B+

Twitch - Solo Dance
Song: "We Gonna Win" - Miri Ben-Ari

I love that he is wearing a jacket with tails for his dance. Of course his solo will save him. Of course. He is just fun to watch.
Here's the video:

Grade: A-

The musical guest tonight is the uber-popular "I Kissed A Girl" singer Katy Perry. Does she remind anyone else of Zooey Deschanel? I found this performance a little awkward to watch.

Now for the eliminations.

Kherington is singled out first, with Nigel commenting on her growth and solo and sends her to safety. It is a toss-up for me between Comfort & Jessica. Seems the judges were not too sure on who to keep either, but they ultimately decided to keep Jessica and send Comfort packing. I don't think she is as good of a partner as Jessica is.

Up next is the boys. Twitch is sent immediately to safety after Nigel praised his originality. Then Nigel compares Will to the Alvin Ailey dancers, and, as expected, it is Thayne going home.

So long Comfort...

So long Thayne...

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