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So You Think You Can Dance - A Bunch of Just OK Dances

Top 12 - Performance Night
Judges: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Mia Michaels

Hi guys! It is still me, Linz, and this is my last week guest-blogging for Vance while he is out doing much more exciting things with his time in Europe. However, I am getting to watch SYTYCD and he is not, so I guess it is a trade-off. Head on over to my blog next week to see my thoughts!

For starters, tonight is the last night these dancers are in these pairings. Next week they start the random pairings. Can't wait to see how they start working with the other dancers. Also, after tomorrow night we will know who will be on the tour this fall. Anyone in LA want to go with me??

Cat took another fashion risk tonight. I often don't "get" what she is wearing. Tonight it looks like she got it stuck in the paper shredder. On top of that, the colors look washed out and is the print southwestern? Her hair looked very natural, though.

I am so tired of Cat having the audience complete her sentences with "judges" or "jidges" and it was cute, like, twice. Two seasons ago. Let's let it go and finish your own sentences. I am being mean because I despise that ever week, but I do love Cat.

Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura
Style: Salsa - Choreographed by Alex DaSilva
Song: "Fuego" - Joe Bataan

This was a very sexy dance and Chelsea looked smokin’ hot tonight. She didn’t quite get rid of the blue feathers, but this is at least better than last time. These two have the chemistry down pat. I love seeing what they bring to the table each week and this week is no different. It was hot. And Chelsea is so gorgeous that Mia wants to stab her.

Grade: A-

Here's the video clip of Chelsie H. and Mark's first performance:

Performance #2
Style: Broadway - Choreographed by Tyce Diorio
Song: "I'm A Woman" - Smokey Joe's Cafe (Original Soundtrack)

These two do so well with a sexy routine that requires so much chemistry. So I have high expectations based on the description of the dance. The Broadway routines this season haven’t been all that impressive, but these two really worked this routine. It was hot and sassy and enjoyable to watch. I’ll be sad to see them split up.

Grade: A-

Here's the video clip of Chelsie H. and Mark's second performance:

Comfort Fedoke and Thayne Jasperson
Performance #1
Style: Hip Hop - Choreographed by Napoleon & Tabitha
Song: "Can We Chill" - Ne-Yo

Thayne was really working on not smiling. It was peeking out every now and then, but that is okay. He is not very good at coming across as really masculine. This “manned” him up a little. I actually thought he did a really good job. Still a white boy. but I was pretty impressed. And of course Comfort did fine in her own genre, and I don’t think she had to come down a level to dance with him. They just don’t really have much chemistry. That is just the truth of it.

Grade: B

Here's the video clip of Comfort and Thayne's first performance:

Performance #2
Style: Contemporary - Choreographed by Mandy Moore
Song: "A Different Corner" - George Michael

Thayne’s smile didn’t peek out in this and I think it is because of his comfort with this style of dance. It was just okay. Still no chemistry and I blame their lack of chemistry on Comfort because I just don’t feel like she is as good at connecting. I like Thayne and keep hoping he can get a good dance/partner. Unfortunately, it might be his time to go this week.

Grade: B-

Here's the video clip of Comfort and Thayne's second performance:

Jessica King and William Wingfield
Performance #1:
Style: Contemporary - Choreographed by Tyce Diorio
Song: "Silence" - Unfaithful (Soundtrack)

Tyce said this piece makes him think “Garden of Eden,” so their outfits made sense for that. They were very Tarzan & Jane. I found the music to be very distracting. Maybe because I didn’t think it fit. It was too quiet for me. But mainly I just felt like this was a display of Will’s body. I couldn’t stop staring. However, for once, I thought Jessica was at Will’s level. It was beautiful to watch but it was strange for me. I’m sure I am just showing my lack of expertise, seeing how the judges went on and on about how they loved it.

Grade: B+

Here's the video clip of Jessica and William's first performance:

Performance #2:
Style: Quickstep - Choreographed by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin
Song: "Bandstand" - Barry Manilow

This dance had plenty of personality and the footwork seemed good. It was enjoyable to watch even though quickstep is not usually my favorite. Apparently, it wasn’t technically very good, so it didn’t go over well with the judges. Mia's comment to Jessica was below the belt and unnecessary.

Grade: B

Here's the video clip of Jessica and William's second performance:

Courtney Galiano and Gev Manoukian
Performance #1
Style: Cha Cha - Choreographed by Anya & Pasha (yea!!)
Song: "Don't Stop the Music (The Wideboys Mix)" - Rihanna

My favorite part of this routine is seeing Pasha! Love him! I can’t tell how Gev is technically, but I can tell you I thought they pulled it off. And the choreography allowed for a couple of little jumps that work in his hip hop skills. I liked it. It was fun to watch!

Grade: A-

Here's the video clip of Courtney and Gev's first performance:

Performance #2
Style: Jazz - Choreographed by Mandy Moore
Song: "Standing There" - The Creatures

The routine is about a couple that are lost in the jungle and their map is a prop here. Gev’s hip hop moves were impressive. These two have really grown on me and I l really like this performance. The music wasn’t what I expected based on the description. There were some fun tricks and it was high energy.

Grade: A-

Here's the video clip of Courtney and Gev's second performance:

Kherington Payne and Twitch
Performance #1
Style: Krump - Choreographed by Lil' C
Song: "2 Buck 4 TV" - Tha J-Squad

They are really working the term “buck.,” but I don’t feel it. Twitch was really good in this style, as I expected him to be. Kherington has a little street in her, but she was still a white girl doing krump. It was fun to watch but not something that would make me dial in my vote.

Grade: B

Here's the video clip of Kherington and Twitch's first performance:

Performance #2
Style: Smooth Waltz - Choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereaux
Song: "Assassin's Tango" - Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Soundtrack)

I liked the attitude in this dance, and at times felt like I was watching a paso doble instead of a smooth waltz. I thought it was fine, but not amazing. I didn’t hate it. I was surprised the judges were so harsh with it, since Twitch is usually the second coming for them.

Grade: B

Here's the video clip of Kherington and Twitch's second performance:

Katee Shean and Joshua Allen
Performance #1
Style: Viennese Waltz - Choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereaux
Song: "Iris" - The Goo Goo Dolls

So Joshua’s character is a ghost and while Katee is dancing with him, she doesn’t see him. I usually don’t enjoy the Viennese Waltz and I always feel sorry for whoever gets it. But something about this one made it more enjoyable to watch. Was it the more upbeat song, the story behind, or just Joshua, whom I love? The actual waltz steps didn’t look very good, but I didn’t mind.

Grade: B+

Here's the video clip of Katee and Joshua's first performance:

Performance #2
Style: Bollywood - Choreographed by Nakule & Marla
Song: "Dhoom Taana" - Om Shanti Om (Soundtrack)

I am excited they have added this new dance style to the show. I was also worried because I wasn't sure how it would go. I was really glad this pairing ended up with this dance. I am sure it was very intimidating for them both, but they completely committed to it. I really enjoyed it.

Grade: A-

Here's the video clip of Katee and Joshua's second performance:

Overall, none of the routines this episode really blew me away. Usually there is something that I really love, and I just didn't feel it this week. That is OK because it was still enjoyable to watch.

Best Dance of the Night:
This was a hard call. Nothing blew me away. So I will throw a couple out there: Chelsea & Mark's Salsa and Katee & Joshua's Bollywood
Worst Dance of the Night:
Comfort & Thayne's Contemporary
Favorite Individual Dancers:
Joshua, Chelsea, Mark
Worst individual dancers:
Comfort, Jessica
Dancers I Do NOT Like:
Nobody anymore
Bottom Three Predictions:
Comfort & Thayne
Jessica & Will
Kherington & Twitch (unlikely, but I don't know who to pick!)

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