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So You Think You Can Dance - Just When Things Were Getting Comfortable

Top 8 Results - The Cut From 8 to 6

Sorry I'm a little late with this but it has been a weird and tiring day AND on top of that, RedLasso which had all the videos finally suspended their service due to lawsuits from 2 big networks (I knew the site was too good to be true), so no more stable videos again. ACK. I just realized it means I won't be able to see the show when I'm overseas again next week. ACK... I'll have to wait until I get back Thursday night... stoopid laws...

Meanwhile, it's the Top 8 results night and with everyone I've been talking to or reading from basically loving different people, it's been quite amusing to see the party lines split.

Top 8 Group Performance
Hip Hop - Choreographed by Chuck Maldonado
Song: "Universal Mind Control (UMC)" - Common

Um, I LOVED everything last night but I didn't love this Hip Hop as much as I would have hoped. Maybe it's because I'm tired and cranky from returning from my vacation in New York (and depressed because I had to go straight to my neighbours' funeral... RIP Emme (again, it's been a very odd and rollercoaster of a day))

So my bottom four predictions were:

with Comfort and Mark going home.

So the bottom 4 dancers actually were:

Comfort and Courtney for the girls.
Twitch and Will for the boys.

How awesome is Cat Deeley when she had to comfort Twitch who was truly in shock? Seriously, how is she NOT nominated for Best Reality TV Host? (Or the show on a whole for that matter?)

The bottom dancers all get to perform again but the end decision had been already made.

Comfort Fedoke - Solo Dance
Song: "Like This" - Mims
She may be the weakest girl left but there's a spunk about her I still enjoy and I'm glad she survived this long at least!

William Wingfield - Solo Dance
Song: "Closer" - Goapele
I know, he's the best dancer the show has had but like I said last week, his seemingly cold (by comparison to the rest of this years cast, though NOTHING like last years FRIGID Danny), he loses out the most on the personality front and on this show, you need BOTH. Still, he had the best solo last night but so did Gev last week so it seems to be a bad trend doesn't it?

Courtney Galiano- Solo Dance
Song: "Passion" - Kreesha Turner
I know I've been loving Chelsie and Katee and both have been very consistent but hasn't Courtney been rocketing skywards over the last few weeks? Not like she was ever bad either, but she's been superb lately and her solo's are always energetic and ... ahem... "passion"ate and with her totally stealing the show last night even in her pairs dance, I'm a bit surprised/saddened she's here in the bottom 2.

Twitch- Solo Dance
Song: "Hollywood Swinging" - Kool and the Gang
If Twitch did all his solos like THIS, then he might have been actually safe. I love Twitch but I've said it before, his solos are his weakest points, relying too much on those ego chest pumps, just as Joshua does too (though last nights at least lessened that part).

Finally the results are revealed:

Comfort is out, which is not really a surprise.
Will is out, which slightly is. I'm not surprised Mark is safe since we assumed he was in danger and Mark fans (which include me) probably voted out in droves (I didn't so Will lovers, don't blame me, blame yourself for not voting more) though Mark's shocked reaction that he was safe was still hilarious. Still, I thought Twitch would be the one to go IF Mark fans were able to save him and of all the black guys left in the competition, Twitch is the most interesting person but the weakest of the bunch. Energetic yes, and his huge size can help cover up things that Comfort couldn't but Joshua and Will are better if you broke it down to details but alas, people warmed up to Twitch more. And in this show, warmth and likability can be everything. Was America wrong? I don't think so. Maybe a little early, but in the end, my favorite two guys of late (now that Gev is gone) is Joshua (who mostly partners better than Will (who is a bit selfish in a way) and Twitch (who is just trying to keep up sometimes)) and Mark (who is just far more interesting to watch despite his less fancy trickworks and technique). (Of course, I say this all with a grain of salt because I'm overblowing the minutest differences in a fairly even playing field this year. Usually it's a lot more obvious who should be staying and who should be going at this point but this group is making us dig deep for reasons to stay or go! And that's a good thing!)

So long Comfort Fedoke (again)(to "Come Home"-OneRepublic)

So long William Wingfield (to "Love Remains the Same"—Gavin Rossdale)

Does this mean Debbie Allen can come back!?

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